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Popjustice Song Contest 80 - Other Tongue (Voting Deadline 24th!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Same here. If we’re rating both songs, I honestly think my other tongue song might be “better” in this forum’s eyes.
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  2. Hmmm, I'll need to ponder my side theme song...

    As for the main contest, I have a funny feeling that the following will happen:
    - My first choice submission will be vetoed.
    - My second choice artist will already have been entered by then, but with a different song than the one I want to submit.
    - I'll then send my third choice submission, which will flop despite being my #1 song of the year.
  3. So, if we have 46 contestants again, we'll have to rate 92 entries! Wow...PJSC becomes a full time job! Last round's side theme was .. predictive
  4. Just out of sheer curiosity, would this song (such as it is) count as being in a non-English language?

  5. This is going to be a fun round to participant in! Let me get thinking on a new
    bop and a special foreign bop.
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  6. My bops submitted, I can now dread the veto panel!
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  7. I think I'd allow. It's not really a language, ergo, different to English.
    Choosing something leaning more towards instrumental is the kind of lateral thinking that I like!
  8. Just a heads-up, vetoes are a bit delayed this time around, so even if you submitted something right when the round opened, you probably won't hear anything back for another 2/3 days still.
  9. It's your mid-year season summation happening right here.


    We've had an unprecedented amount of personal bests that occurred in round 79.
    @Tiger Suit has done amazingly well getting top 20 with only 4 rounds, and he is top 5 concerning average scores.
    @berserkboi keeps climbing maybe to his surprise.
    @ufint couldn't continue his top 10 streak perhaps unwisely resubmitted a recent artist . Although Moyka is beautiful, it seems only @imaduck can make that work.
    See @Hudweiser you shouldn't leave this competition.
    I'm sure that @Sprockrooster isn't used to being this consistent, a personal best year for you.

    I'm certain that we will see some huge peaks from @soratami, @Island, @londonrain, @One Stop Candy Shop, @CasuallyCrazed, @OspreyQueen & @KamikazeHeart among others because as of now, I'm shocked it hasn't happened yet.

    As for this round, it is sad that we don't do themes in the main contest.
    Our hosts found a way and this theme is wonderful.
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  10. @Untouchable Ace - you are absolutely correct, I am shocked I am in that overall Top 10, considering in 6 rounds I submitted 2 French songs, 1 Korean song and 1 Spanish/Arabic song - we love a contest that rewards diversity!! Thank you everyone who gave me points!
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  11. Right you are. This year is my imperial phase so a win must be in the making. And with the banger I send in it might be right around the corner.
  12. My two bops entered!!
  13. I'm reading this as 'it's shocking that most of these people are still behind Carel'. Which is probably true.

    Confirming my song now, I'm not realistically gonna have the time / inclination to vote in the side theme again so I don't know whether to bother submitting something for that? (I was gonna use this as my moment to finally be allowed to send ROSALÍA again but then read the first post and saw that was expressly forbidden which is just rude tbh)
  14. I guess you could try anyway, since the veto panel isn’t checking the side theme songs.

    I’m definitely having a “for the art, not the charts” kind of year - I’ve skipped a round and sent a range of random songs which (apart from one) have all landed in the 57- to 66-point range, which suits me okay for now. I feel like it’s getting a lot less easy to guess what will do well in PJSC, so I’m shifting towards just sending in faves regardless of potential success and seeing what happens.

    Also, @Untouchable Ace, I’ll have you know I have had one top 10 entry this year, contrary to what that table says:

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  15. I ended up #2 in last year's leaderboard, and right now I'm #32... the decline. I'm starting to think it's impossible to do well in both PJSC and PJ00s at the same time.
  16. Given that 2018 was my slump year in PJ00s and was my best ever year in PJSC... this seems legit.
  17. I sent a song. It's risky.
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  18. Awww you waited 4 months to tell me. (it will be reflected in the next 1)
    I'm glad you brought up that song.

    Us to the charts when our most successful entry isn't one of our top 10s.

    I'm one of your voters so no I'm not saying that.
    I mentioned anyone with less than 70 points or without a top 10 placement who has entered consistently.
    So @londonrain you can give up now if you want.
  19. Haha I was just making fun of myself dw xx

    (for what it's worth I'm fairly sure I've not actually had any top 10 hits this year either, IC3PEAK and TR/ST were both top 15 or so I think but not top 10).

    I did submit a song for the side theme because it was marked as compulsory in the submission form but I'm probably not actually going to vote on those unless I feel particularly bored at some point.
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