Popjustice Song Contest 90/XC: III Heart PJSC - Winner Announced!

Happy 90th PJSC! Y’all let me win with a basic bop and I’ll now proceed to repay you with games and pink glitter.


How to play, how not to get vetoed, you know, the usual. Here’s the link!


Submission: April 24 - May 2
Voting: May 3 - May 22
Results: May 23

All deadlines close at 11:59 PM BST (UK time).
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When I Heart PJSC happens we celebrate the PJSC. We’ve now had seven and a half years of iconic songs. (Last time I got to host it was five. Winning is hard mmmkay.) So naturally, I’ve made a ridiculous game out of them.

Here’s the Songs of PJSC sheet. You’ll need it.

1. Below is a list of 90 words appearing in the lyrics to songs that have been entered in the PJSC.

2. Some are recent, some are classics. Some are winners, some are flops. Anything goes.

3. Find them. Name the song and the artist.

4. Some of these may have more than one possible correct answer. Any correct answer will do. And to avoid complicating things, we’ll stop at one.

5. Let’s play together. When you find an answer, post it in the thread, and I’ll credit you for getting it first. Who knows, maybe y'all can even get all 90 before results day…

6. A few technical things:

-The word has to be in the song. Not the name of the artist or wherever else. (e.g. If the word is “loop”, don’t give me a Call Me Loop song that doesn’t actually say “loop” in it.)

-The word has to be in the same form as it is below. (e.g. If the word is “catastrophic”, don’t give me a song that says “catastrophe”.)

212 (@pop3blow2: Amber Mark (feat. DRAM) - Put You On)
405 (@pop3blow2: Midnight Kids (feat. Annika Wells) - Run It)
Aphrodite (@pop3blow2: Emily Osment - I Hate the Homecoming Queen)
Apocalypse (@OspreyQueen: Sarah Close - Caught Up)
Arsonist (@Maki: The Interrupters - She's Kerosene)
Babysit (@DJHazey: Julie Bergan - Arigato)
Backflip (@Island: Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline)
Bacon (@Maki: Confidence Man - Boyfriend (Repeat))
Beethoven (@imaduck: Madison Beer - Melodies)
Belvedere (@Tiger Suit: Elijah Blake - Technicolor)
Bonkers (@Filler: Serebro - My Money)
Bounty (@imaduck: Alexiane - A Million On My Soul)
Brainwashed (@Maki: YONAKA - Lose Our Heads)
Breakfast (@Island: HYO & 3LAU - Punk Right Now)
Bunny (@daninternational: Elina Born - Miss Calculation)
Butcher (@ufint: Great Good Fine OK - Take It Or Leave It)
Caboose (@Maki: Lizzo - Water Me)
Caramel (@Maki: Lola Le Lann - Lola à l'eau)
Casablanca (@imaduck: bulow - Sad and Bored)
Caviar (@Derek: Athena Manoukian - XO)
Chips (@imaduck: Linkoban - One Trick Pony)
Cliche (@Island: Colette Carr - F16)
Cojones (@imaduck: Gutarra - Dicksuckin)
Compatible (@imaduck: Aria - Astrolove)
Composure (@Island: Greyson Chance - Dancing Next to Me)
Copenhagen (@ufint: Shy Carter - Bring It Back (ft. Aleon Craft))
Daiquiri (@Maki: Cazzi Opeia & Jin x Jin - Batman & Robin)
Dislocated (@Untouchable Ace: Elohim - She Talks Too Much)
Dollies (@OspreyQueen: The Magnettes - Sad Girls Club)
Earthquake (@Island: Ryn Weaver - OctaHate)
Empire (@Derek: Mai Lan - Vampire)
Faceless (@Untouchable Ace: Dusky Grey - Joy Ride)
Fisher-Price (@Maki: FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money)
Frappuccino (@Untouchable Ace: Lola Blanc - Like Beyonce)
Google (@Untouchable Ace: Au/Ra - Emoji)
Grandma (@OspreyQueen: Macy Rodman - Lazy Girl)
Hennessy (@Untouchable Ace: Fletcher - Wasted Youth)
Hystericality (@Maki: Ronya - Hyperventilating)
Illegal (@saviodxl: Bardot - These Days)
Illuminated (@Derek: Frida Sundemo - Indigo)
Impressions (@Derek: Billie - Give Me the Knife)
Instagram (@soratami: Maty Noyes - New Friends)
Jail (@imaduck: bulow - Sad and Bored)
Jello (@Maki: Stella Mwangi - Repeat)
Kanye (@Maki: Hyphen Hyphen - Like Boys)
Kitchen (@Island: Alessia Cara - Here)
Lotto (@Filler: Krewella - zer0)
Louise (@DJHazey: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Heart Attack)
Luggage (@Maki: Little Big - Big Dick)
Macho (@OspreyQueen: RABBII - All Men Must Die)
Magnum (@imaduck: Maluca - Trigger (Brenmar Remix))
Majesty (@soratami: Tami T - Princess)
Meadow (@Maki: Hydrogen Child - Satellite)
Monaco (@Island: Eden xo - Too Cool to Dance)
Monkeys (@Derek: Sofya Wang - Boys Aside)
MVP (@Ana Raquel: Mahogany LOX - BOOM)
November (@imaduck: Autoheart - Lent (Bright Light Bright Light Remix))
Obvious (@imaduck: AWA - Obvious)
Organs (@OspreyQueen: Unklejam - What Am I Fighting For?)
Pac-Man (@pop3blow2: Colette Carr - F16)
Paradigm (@pop3blow2: Clean Bandit ft. Noonie Bao - Dust Clears)
Parents (@soratami: Oscar Enestad - I Love It)
Passport (@ufint: BG5 - Scratch)
Pendulum (@OspreyQueen - Elle Exxe - Catapult)
PlayStation (@Maki: Mylene Cruz & The Soul Madonnas - Toy Box)
Proxy (@ufint: Coska - Nightdrive)
Punkadelic (@Tiger Suit: Girls' Generation - Paparazzi)
Ray-Bans (@OspreyQueen: Chasing Velvet - Replay)
Repent (@Derek: Susanne Sundfor - Delicious)
Retrograde (@Island: Ryn Weaver - OctaHate)
Salad (@Derek: Montaigne - Because I Love You)
Sequins (@Maki: Amy Peters - Salt)
Silhouette (@2014: Kenzie May - Skeleton Key)
Snakeskin (@Untouchable Ace: Ava Max - Salt)
Snapchat (@CorgiCorgiCorgi: Magdalena Bay - Set Me Off)
Snowballing (@Maki: FAYE - Breathe Out)
Sunglasses (@Derek: (OhHey)My - Pretty Little Liar)
Supernova (@DJHazey: Alli Simpson - Notice Me)
Swagger (@imaduck: Sophia Grace - Girls Just Gotta Have Fun)
Tortoise (@Untouchable Ace: Haiku Hands - Not About You)
Transcendental (@CorgiCorgiCorgi: K.I.D - Taker)
Typhoon (@OspreyQueen: Satellite Young - Sanfransokyo Girl)
Unanimously (@Maki: Charlift - Amanaemonesia)
Wal-Mart (@Derek: Komar & Melamid + Dave Soldier - The Most Unwanted Song)
Walter (Tove Styrke - Call My Name (???))
Wednesday (@Island: Jessica Andersson - Party Voice)
Whipped (@Maki: Sophie - Bipp)
Whitney (@Island: Yung Baby Tate - That Girl)
Wreckage (@Derek: The Family Crest - Beneath the Brine)
Zipper (@Derek: Hey Violet - Hoodie)

This game starts now. Have fun, and don’t forget to enter the contest while you’re at it!
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12AM - Save Me
alextbh - No Space
Angie Rose - Like Gold
Anna Puu & Olavi Uusivirta - 2020
Ari Lennox - BMO
Becky and the Birds - Wondering
Ben Platt - RAIN
Biig Piig - Switch
Chungha - Stay Tonight
CLC - No
Conrad - No God
Dareharu - Flowering
estraden - Dansar med mig själv
Glowie - Unlovable
Grace Davies - Addicted to Blue
iamnotshane - Right Now
joan - Love Me Better
Keiynan Lonsdale - Gay Street Fighter
Lainey Wilson - WWDD
Lara Fabian - Non Coupable
Lena Philipsson - En Stilla Depression
Lina Mayer - So High
Lolo Zouaï - It's My Fault
Lords of Acid - Little Mighty Rabbit
Maria Mena - Not OK
Marlene - Next to Me
Mavi Phoenix - Fck It Up
Moon Kissed - Run Away
Phantogram - Blackout Days (Future Island Remix)
Phoebe Bridgers - Kyoto
Purple Disco Machine, Sophie And The Giants - Hypnotized
Rainbow Chan - Nest
Ria - The One
Rico Nasty - Time Flies
Sazzie - Hot Stuff
Sedona - More Love
Skylar Stecker - Blame
TheUnder & Robyn The Bank - Feel My Vibe
TILSEN - Preoccupied
Vlossom - Catch Your Breath
YEZI - Home
Yves Tumor - Gospel For a New Century
黃齡 Isabelle Huang - 醉 Zui


(Thank you @WoW73!)

Not on Spotify:

Dareharu - Flowering
Lara Fabian - Non Coupable

(As always, set your Spotify to show unplayable/unavailable songs so anything blocked in your country won't go unnoticed!)



One more thing:

• Send me a fave PJSC lyric to go with your ballot!
• There's a box on the form for this. (Thank you @imaduck!)
• It can be from one of your entries, somebody else's entry, whatever. Have fun!

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I knew one! But only because it's a song I submitted.

I still check out your Snapchat
I don't know why I do that


(Also a massive bop)

Y'all are free to guess your own entries by the way, this game would be even harder otherwise!

The submission form asks for 90's Legends again. Is that supposed to happen?

Actually no. Just leave it blank or put some nonsense in the box or whatever works until we can edit it!
Monkeys in the summer!


(An iconic lyric of our times to be sure)

(Also I'm obsessed with the hot guy with the kitten)

2 words that have never been associated with one another!

I meant because we seem to have two types of people - people who stan Louise and people who don't understand why people stan Louise.

(I'll stan Louise, she covered PJSC winner 'Hammer', how cool.)