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Popjustice Song Contest 90/XC: III Heart PJSC - Winner Announced!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Congrats to @CorgiCorgiCorgi for a very well deserved win. I really like 4 of the top 10 this month which is not bad for a contest which had very few highlights for me.

    And I flopped entirely myself (not unexpectedly) so happy to just sweep this round under the rug and bring on PJSC 91. Thanks to those who did give Rico some points (I noticed she got a decent number of votes for how low she finished, just no one giving her particularly high points).
  2. You didn't think that Vlossom's video set in a cemetery was spooky?

    Thanks to all who voted for my Cloud Control / Empire Of The Sun supergroup.
    Especially @slaybellz & @saviodxl

    Thanks so much for it all @iheartpoptarts.
    Also a very deserving win @CorgiCorgiCorgi.
  3. From my highest ever finish last round to my lowest. PJSC is a rollercoaster.
  4. I never watch videos. Strict audio-only voter. I'm too easily influenced by visuals and it would spoil my votes. Show me a spooky thing and I'll be tricked into liking whatever's playing over it. Play me the Blankety Blank theme while showing me a ghost, BAM, I think Blankety Blank is spooky now.
  5. Shall I make my usual comment?


    So, where's the next round??

  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Thanks to @Maki, @pop3blow2, @haps and @ufint for voting for Lara!

    I still can’t believe she hid such a huge banger as a CD-only bonus track on the collector’s edition of her album.

    Glad to see Ari, Conrad and Ben (my three potentials) in the top 20. I wish I’d actually submitted one of them, as they’re actually on my “PJSC potentials” playlist, but having to vote for all three was quite something.
  7. How's Tuesday sound?
  8. Congrats @CorgiCorgiCorgi and thanks to the few of you of for your points. <3

    Alextbh is an acquaintance of mine and it's pretty impressive to me that he's unapologetically out here in Malaysia. No Space is the biggest 'bop' he's released so if y'all don't like that I'll stop trying to make him happen here.

    After 3 entries, I guess it's time to stop entering queer male POC and get back to the trashy female pop that drives my music taste :)
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  9. Thank you to my lovely voters! @Phonetics Boy starting me off at 12 (I stan you + Blackout Days reminded me a little of that song of yours I 12ed a while back so I thought you might like it too! :D) @HarryEzra @fistcity @eyeline @Lila @haps @llamadelrey @Maki @seven. @Filler @Carel for all the other points ensuring I did a lot better than I anticipated!

    I discovered Blackout Days in the most random way, in an episode of Law & Order SVU ages ago and always kept it on the backburner of my longlist - never thinking I'd use it, but it being a little unlike my usual thing - I thought it was a good one to send after the super obvious Lola Le Lann. The song has lots of different remixes that are great, but this Future Islands one sets such a gorgeous dark atmosphere I like it the best! Glad it was mostly appreciated! :D

    Thank you @iheartpoptarts for a great round, and gorgeous @CorgiCorgiCorgi - I cannot believe this is the first round you've won! It feels like you have a triple crown already to me with your iconic submissions! :D
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  10. As a closing thought to the thread here is...

    Icon For Hire 'Under The Knife'

    It's Tuesday.
    Where's the new thread sis?
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  11. Well... I flopped again.
    Lolo absolutely didn't deserve to be in the bottom 10 and I thought she would at least get a little more love.

    The winner is nice, if not a bit too predictable.

    Underrated corner: Lara Fabian and... that's it (my top 10 of this round did quite well, actually).

    To be honest, due to lack of discoveries, and partially due to constant bad placements and my potential submissions list becoming shorter and shorter, I'm thinking of taking a break from this contest.
    Maybe for a few rounds, I'm still not sure.

    Thank you for hosting, @iheartpoptarts!
  12. Right, been through and here's my 4 dollars.

    @Phonetics Boy STAN FOR SUSANNE, delicious.

    @WoW73 is the queen of russia, who knew.

    I WISH estraden swept this whole thing

    @2014 STAN for Eliza and the bear.

    Fuck I was VERY close to 0 points, completely undeserved, ANGEL ENERGY is that bop and Raissa is an actual angel and I will not be told otherwise


    @Tiger Suit STAN FOR PRUITY RING, they got vetoed over at Buzzjack so I couldn't inflict that video on everyone. The fuck is all that about, I have no idea.

    MARIA MENA IS IN THE LEAD, would have been my fav victory in the history of PJSC

    MOOD grew on me massively after I voted, and I probably should have thrown it a few points.

    5 Fine Frokner was a massive song wasn't it, another one of those, if-it-was-in-english-it-would-have-run-away-with-it-songs

    @Connor Walsh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas dickpicks are in the post

    2nd place, @imaduck wishes

    I've been wishing Hendinia into this contest for years, always bringing the pop bops.

    @Lila - STAN FOR EMILY (I didn't even know I entered it, I lose track)

    I would have put money on NEA EINI - MOOD being an @Derek or @llamadelrey song

    Tanika - Bad For You was a complete monster of a song and I'm glad to have lost to it.


    pffft, not even a hall of fame winner.


    HA, I mean, I knew I wasn't going to trouble anything this round but WOW. Y'all did poor Raissa wrong.

    Genuinly a great song, I play it VERY regulaly (unfortuantely through offline spotify so you ain't getting those plays henny, but get your stuff on spotify so I can give you that (negligible) coin) .

    Also, is it "must be" or "makes me" I can't quite hear, ALSO you're going to need to PM the lyrics because I've realised I don't even know all the actual words to the chorus, I just sort of sing along with the gibberish.

    the real takeaway from this is @Filler#s

    relatable. content.
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