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~Popjustice Song Contest IV~ ~Confirmation/Voting/Results~

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Oricon, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Welcome to the Popjustice Song Contest IV, fourth edition hosted by no other than me again! The theme for this concept is defined as "SCENIC", although baring in mind this is NOT a fixed theme contest!

    The dates of the contest will be as follows:

    ~Confirmation | 22nd February - 1st March
    ~Voting Period | 2nd March - 9th March
    ~Final Results | 10th March

    As the contest can contain over 40 songs, it's recommended that you spread your listening time for each entry rather than cramming it all at one go. IF the number of submission exceeds 50 entries, semi-finals MAY be up for discussion.

    Veto system:

    For those who are new to the contest and are unaware on how this system works, it's a scheme set up to prevent mainstream songs or songs/artists who have a significant fanbase on Popjustice. The juries for this can be read at the main PopjusticeHQ thread and they have a say on whether your entry shall proceed further into the main contest or not. If your entry is vetoed, you will be informed via PM by myself asking you to rechoose another song choice if you wish to still participate in the contest.

    How to submit:

    -Firstly, decide your entry by choosing a song to use.
    -Avoid songs which are hyped up on this forum or on music blogs. This includes ALL mainstream singers (do not bother entering songs by the likes of Eminem, Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction, etc. as they will ALL be vetoed).
    -After you have chosen your entry, private message me the following:
    •Video Link (YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.):

    Voting process:

    -The voting process is as follows:
    •12 Points // MOST FAVOURITE
    •10 Points // ---
    •08 Points // ---
    •07 Points // ---
    •06 Points // ---
    •05 Points // ---
    •04 Points // ---
    •03 Points // ---
    •02 Points // ---
    •01 Point // TENTH FAVOURITE
    -Discussion for which entry you entered is FORBIDDEN within this thread and via means outside of this forum.
    -Your votes can NOT be revealed at anytime during the voting process.
    -The winner of this contest will be hosting the next edition. Failing that, the hosting opportunity shall be passed onto the runner-up.
    -A special mention to the people of Buzzjack who inspired the creation of this contest!
  2. I must consult my PJ song contest shortlist.....
  3. Entry has been sent.
  4. A&E


    I'm still undecided on my entry! It's killing me.
  5. Hopefully we have some newcomers in this edition! Last contest, 31 entries were a bit low!
  6. So many tildes.
  7. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  8. No veto no!
  9. Eric Generic needs reminding.
  10. A&E


    I've just submitted my song. I think I'm committing a 'carreer' suicide. See you at the bottom of the list!

    (Next time I'm totally 'selling out' and entering a piece of Scandipop.)
  11. Submitted!
  12. I've sold out this time, coming for a top 10 position! (...if I don't get vetoed).
  13. 15 confirmations so far (including mine), keep it going! The veto list shall be updated soon and the verdict shall be given accordingly by the panel members.
  14. Submitted.
  15. I've got my red pen at the ready!
  16. I hope to recapture my success in the first contest this time around. I think Gogol Bordello was a bad choice...
  17. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Just submitted my song! It's different from the ones I've sent before. No clue if it will make it through the veto though.
  18. He is here, and needs reminding of what is required of him!
  19. All is explained in this thread in the first two posts.

    Basically you need to submit an amazing but slightly obscure (i.e. not much of a hit) song to Oricon via PM, next week we all vote for everyone's songs without knowing who submitted them (in theory), then sit back and watch everybody vote for some awful Scandinavian woman.
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