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PopJustice Song Contest Rate #3 (51-75) WE'RE REVEALING OURSELVES

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Mar 4, 2019.

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    @AmbivalentToBritney really wasn't a good fit for the forum, I didn't even realise they took part in this???
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  3. Okay, sis, but what did he do?!
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  4. Thats not surprising, I mean is anyone on this forum ambivalent to Britney?
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  5. He was ambivalent to Britney oprahshrug.gif
  6. 2 DAYS TO GO
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  9. Finally voted a few hours ago.
    For now, I'll just say that generally this is a good winning songs collection.
    Apart from my 11, I gave 'only' two 10s, but there are plenty of 9 and 9,5 scores.
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  10. Will get this underway in the morning!

    So if anyone votes overnight then this is your final call.

    Currently the #1 and #2 have the same average (but one is higher when you go three decimals deep)
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  11. Hehe, I like the title.
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  12. Here comes our first elimination. Officially the worst winner in in the lot, what a loser.

    I'm not very good at this length discussion about the song so I'll just get on with it as per usual and find something to copy and paste from somewhere


    from rate 1, FKA Twigs still holds the record of lowest average for a winner at 6.02...

    Can it be beat....

    25th // @NuhdeensPassport // Rhys - Last Dance // 6.17

    Highest Score // 9.5 (@londonrain)

    Lowest Score // 2 (@Carel, @soratami, @CasuallyCrazed)

    Poor Rhys, PJSC 56 feels like one of those contests where no-one really brought a winner (I certainly didn't) I remember being team Kacy Hill here but enjoyed Rhys well enough.

    Rhys is a 21 year old from Portland Oregon, but despite her US heritage has actually only received any sort of recognition in Sweden, the land where good pop music does not go unrewarded, and by golly was Rhys rewarded, a #51 smash followed by a #43. Honestly she feels like a bigger thing than that but oh well, she's a winner baby.

    The Fangirls

    @londonrain // My second ever 12 to win PJSC! I’m docking a point for her wobbly vocals but what a bop.
    @iheartpoptarts // Not the most original thing ever, but it’s adorable and the melodies totally deliver.

    The Haters

    @əʊæ // well, this is far from my cup of tea
    @Carel (settle in, he's here a lot) // Was 2nd place better? I've not heard it but it wouldn't be hard to be better than this so probably.
    @CasuallyCrazed // Tropical beat drops should have stayed in 2015.

    The Unwashed Masses

    @OspreyQueen // I have a slight vendetta against this one because for a time it was the only song my phone would ever play on shuffle, and I can basically remember all the lyrics by accident. I still like it though.
    @Derek // Good for what it is, but just not really my preferred style of pop.
    @Untouchable Ace // So this has that generic drop that litters radios everywhere. I'm sure PJ members try to avoid this as well so how did this win?
    @Maki // The basicness is real, although I somewhat enjoy it. It sounds like a song that would play in shopping centers, (clothing shops, to be more specific), which isn't a bad thing, but it wouldn't make me want to seek the song whatsoever.
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  13. WHAT?

    I was absolutely not expecting this to bomb out in last place. It was such a landslide winner that I thought for sure it would do well here (and round 56 was a pretty solid round).
  14. Oh heyyyyy, there's my 12 in second place. Happens a lot!

    Here's hoping the anti-basic sentiment won't prevail!
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  15. I hope you all enjoy my commentary theme.

    I'm very surprised at Rhys coming last, as it's the exact kind of song that's too inoffensive to truly dislike (me giving it a 2 might have been a little harsh), but not complaining!

    Aside: I had no idea Rhys was American, I always just assumed she was Swedish (not least because of the FELIX SANDMAN collab).
  16. Wasn't expecting Rhys to be the first one out, but I can't really say I'm disappointed!
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  17. I have seventeen songs rated lower than Last Dance, so if those could exit before we get to Stockholm Noir that would be great, thanks xxx
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  18. Didn't expect "Last Dance" to be the first elimination, but I'm fine with it (it's one of the many songs that got a 7 from me).
    Honestly, I would be fine with half of the songs being eliminated now.
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  19. I'm curious what the people surprised by Last Dance's elimination expected the first song out to be instead. I thought it was clearly the worst song here and honestly kind of perplexed how it even won to begin with.
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  20. I guess I was expecting I'm Good or Strange Love to go first. They were my lowest scores.
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