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PopJustice Song Contest Winner Rate #4 (76-100) = VOTE BY 30TH MAY

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Apr 20, 2021.

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    Ladies, Ladies, Ladies. We've spent the last 25 months religiously crowning 25 songs and now the time has come once more to decide which one of them is simply the brest, the ben dela creme, the Bree's knees. One of them will join holy trinity of popjustice royalty...

    Honestly what a bunch of bangerz


    The rules are pretty standard rate rules
    - Rate each song from 0-10, half points are permitted.
    - Give one 11, for your fav.
    - Submit as much or as little commentary as you wish
    - If you're one of the featured winners, you can vote for your own songs


    The following users are lucky enough to be featuring in the rate

    @imaduck (3)
    @Tiger Suit
    @Untouchable Ace
    @soratami (4)
    @swim (2)
    @llamadelrey (2)
    @Untouchable Ace


    The Winners

    Arrhult - Kids of Paris
    Marisha Mae - Stuck On You
    Jessica Andersson - Party Voice
    Sa Dingding - Upwards to the Moon
    Cat Pierce - You Belong To Me
    Electric Youth - ARAWA
    Clairo - Sofia
    Kyan Palmer & Nicopop. ft. Yuri Joness - Antisocial Socialites
    Clara Luciani - La Grenade
    Capulets - Stranger Love
    Elsa Esnoult - Androgyne
    Camden Cox - Healing
    VVAVES - 5 of Your Exes
    Purity Ring - Stardew
    4Magic - Dancing With The Satellites
    Purple Disco Machine, Sophie And The Giants - Hypnotized
    COY - Promises
    SUNMI - pporappippam
    Drew Sycamore - Take It Back
    Ingrid Witt - Another Kingdom Is Gone
    Erika Vikman - Syntisten pöytä
    Babet - Chameleon
    Claudia Valentina - 4:15
    Harper Finn - Dance Away These Days
    Rose Gray - Save Your Tears
    Maisie Peters - John Hughes Movie

    Vote via the form below, you can do a few, submit it & come back later, but you have to click through to the end and save it annoyingly, so my recommendation is to keep your own scores until you're ready and copy paste binge when you're done.

    Rate Form

    Closing Date - 30th MAY 2021

    Let me know if you see anything amiss, wrong links, wrong stuff etc etc and I'll get to fixin'​

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  5. Just looking at the list, this set of songs is miles better than the ones featured in the previous PJSC winners rate. I actually have multiple 11-contenders.

    And there are only three songs I'm not familiar with, since these won while I was on a PJSC break.
  6. PJSC75 was the first round I ever took part in, so it's kinda CUTE to see this songlist in full and remember those early days (of flop).

    Looking forward to this! A few 11 contenders for sure, as some of these winners have gone on to be real faves. The whole list is a damn serve though - we, as a tastemaking, taste-having collective, did that.
  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Forbidding the winners from voting for their own songs has the effect of giving them an incentive not to participate, as participating will only push their 10s past their own entry.

    For example, if @swim had participated in the last rate, Rina would have lost because he wouldn’t have been able to give her a 10 whereas he would have given the runner-up, Bree Runway, a 10, which would have been enough for Bree to win.
  8. So many Foreign Language Winners + Camden Cox & a sprinkling of other great English tracks! Picking an 11 won't be easy if I manage to take part! Wondering if I should be CasuallyCrazed in my scoring here... Hmmmmm
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  9. Yeah, I think winners should be allowed to vote for their songs. Of course it's an issue if there's a clear attempt to boost their own songs over the competition, but as long as everything is rated fairly, it shouldn't be a problem. Some of us tend to generally score higher in rates while others tend to score lower, so the winners who tend to score higher will end up putting their songs at a disadvantage, while those who tend to score lower will put their songs at an advantage. Definitely would be fairer for everyone to score everything.
  10. Honestly, are people that desperate to win?
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  11. [​IMG]

    Would be my response if I had a song in the running.
  12. I mean, if all the winners vote and all give their songs a high score, it ends up not making any difference, plus it gives people an extra reason to participate and means every song is rated by everyone, which is the only way a rate's results can be 100% fair.
  13. Perhaps not giving an 11 to your winner could be a good compromise, but not scoring it altogether does have disadvantages, as previously mentioned.
  14. [​IMG]
    I just know there’s irony somewhere in this statement.
  15. Also, why is Clairo included?
    She has technically won, but got points halved, so Electric Youth took the gold instead *flashbacks to hosting that disastrous round*
  16. I think it makes sense for it to be included since it's basically a PJSC winning song that just happened to have its points halved.
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  17. I must insist strongly again that the 2 past second chance winners be included in this rate @imaduck.
    It's consistent with other contest winners rates and only fair.
    @CorgiCorgiCorgi & @Derek these are your songs and I want you to be part of this rate.
    Completely agree.
    We've done this once before and proven that the results are skewed if certain songs are not able to be scored.
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  18. What about @Ana Raquel with Disco Hue as they finished equal first in PJSC 76?
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  19. Well, looking at the list I'm probably not gonna 11 my own winner nn but probably gonna 10 it.
  20. I dont need the extra round winners but you should be able to rate your own songs, as with any other rate.
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