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PopJustice Song Contest Winner Rate #4 (76-100) = VOTE BY 30TH MAY

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by imaduck, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. I'm happy to let people rate their own songs.

    It was the contestants who decided to have the nonrate own songs rules in the first place, so I'm easy.

    Would it be fairer to give the voters average to their own song? E.g. DJHazey has an average of 8.6 so VVaves gets an 8.6 boost?
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  2. A case of the prematures hit me here too - I have voted! Great to already know all the songs, hey? I love the song currently winning <3
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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    No, just let people give the score that they want. If it’s a 10, it’s a 10.

    I’m actually with @Maki on this. The whole point is that it didn’t ultimately win and so has forfeited its right to be in the winners’ rate. Clairo isn’t blocked from being entered again in a future round so she could still win with a different song.

    (Also, part of the point of halving a non-voter’s score is to offset the impact of there not being a ballot that could push the other songs past the non-voter’s entry. If Electric Youth had got points from the Clairo submitter, for example, it would have won anyway - so it’s not a given that Clairo would have won.)
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  4. Yeah that's a good point, I hadn't thought of that.
  5. Rules updated to allow people to vote for their own songs.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Wait at my win with La Grenade reminding me of when I was falling out of love with the contest dd. Will enter soon!!
  7. I've made my points clear on why Barbara and Kitten should be included. And I'm not sure it should be just up to you if they should be included, but everyone should decide.
    But you still haven't said anything on that subject.

    As for Clairo, she was an unexpected inclusion and i feel that Disco Hue has more of a right to be included in this rate given that we used to allow draw winners into the winners rate (Samantha Urbani & Lizzo).

    If you include Clairo you must be consistent and include Disco Hue.
  8. No the only legitimate draw winner is Samantha and Lizzo because they literally had the exact same breakdown of points, we couldn't split it.
  9. Very much this - at the time we didn't have a hard and fast rule on draws (or at least not one in writing) Claro's inclusion is just a "my condolences" on a lost victory. Because if I remember correctly Llama submitted a late ballot on top of losing their victory. If you're offended by its inclusion, by all means give it a 0. Pretty sure I said at the time it would be included. Imagine forgetting to vote and winning! Very different situation to the one you've pointed out.
  10. That's correct! Me and @Maki were shook!
    I don't really mind Clairo's inclusion, although it triggers my ptsd a little!
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  11. Ahaha, I think I even mentioned that when I said you had some flashbacks to look forward to.
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  12. Is there already a Spotify playlist for these songs? Seems like there already should be.

    If not, I guess I could do one if likes to this post indicate.
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  14. Started doing this today and I had to double check if I'd participated in rounds 76/77, because I don't remember the first two winners at all dd. When's the deadline by the way? The opening post just says TBC.
  15. My ballot is in! What a joy to go back and experience some of these EXEMPLARY TRACKS all over again. A trip down a memory lane paved only with excellence.
  16. I voted a couple of days ago too. Really great set of winners, there's only one I don't like, and even that's not that bad (Last Dance firmly remains the worst PJSC winner ever to these ears nn)

    My scores:
    11 x 1
    10 x 9
    9 x 3
    8 x 7
    7 x 5
    4 x 1
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Bumping to remind myself I need to do this xxx!
  18. I completely forgot about this
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