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Popjustice Song Contest Winners' RUMBLE: 2020 - voting open

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, Jan 10, 2021.


Which of the contests will provide the winning song for this rate?

This poll will close on Feb 14, 2021 at 9:49 AM.
  1. PJSC

  2. PJ Retro

  3. PJ00s

  4. PJXtra

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. We're really starting from PJSC 86 when I won both 84 and 85

  2. If it makes you feel better, Androgyne would easily get another 12 from me here!

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  3. Well I will be participating to shamelessly give my winning entry the 12 it deserves and will definitely need.

    Also I assembled this playlist in order rank my entries and I don't even know where to begin...though I might know where it would end I Follow You.

    I will say though that the string of flops I suffered in the Spring and Summer of 2020 are iconic and would all be easily in the top 10:

  4. This is where I enter the danger zone and worry because I love 90% of the songs you submitted but in reality probably only voted for 20% of them.
  5. All the Song Contest Google Sheets having a different layout from each other certainly made this like a berserky ballot to sort through ddd



    It's no surprise that the Top 5 is Foreign Language on this present day, I guess!



    Demis Roussos - "Quand je t'aime" PJRetro 52 (17)

    (It was always gonna be the first song to show me the power of music in driving me to tears as a little boy)

    PJSC 88 (29) Kaku-P Model - HUMAN-LE

    (Of course a favourite of deity Susumu isn't gonna be far behind!)

    Partenaire Particulier - "Partenaire Particulier" PJRetro 57 (1)

    (My taste and PopJustice's aligning - hurrah!!! Thanks a million to @Untouchable Ace for the Male Vocal Round as I doubt Misandry Justice would have let this one win on a regular round despite being Excellence)

    Celia Cruz - "Te Busco" PJRetro 55 (12)

    (Goddess Celia giving one of the most stunning vocals over a soft refrain, the power of simplicity)

    Okazaki Ritsuko - Morning Grace (20) PJ00s 26

    (Only just pipping the greatness of the next few to this post for embeds - what a stunning song!)

    PJSC 92 (15) VIDEOCLUB - Enfance 80

    Tina Arena - Italian Love Song (12) PJ00s 31

    Amiel - Lovesong (14) PJ00s 22

    The Dandy Warhols - You Were The Last High (5) PJ00s 23

    PJXtra 2 (12) Kumiko Noma - Lilium

    PJSC 87 (44) Hélène Segara - Fini La Comedie

    FR David - "Pick Up the Phone" PJRetro 59 (5)

    PJXtra 1 (11) Eleni Foureira - Gigi In Paradisco

    Vaishali Samant - Tu Tu Hai Wahi (Club Mix) (17) PJ00s 30

    Passion Pit - Little Secrets (5) PJ00s 25

    Planet Funk - Who Said (13) PJ00s 28

    PJXtra 4 (8) 9Muses - No Playboy


    Alisha Chinai - "Made in India" PJRetro 58 (21)

    Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (1) PJ00s 29

    PJSC 89 17 Lola Le Lann - Soleil

    Aneiki - Pleased To Meet You (4) PJ00s 21

    PJXtra 5 (29) Partenaire Particulier - Faudra M'Expliquer

    Sheila - "Un Prince En Exil" PJRetro 61 (14)

    PJXtra 3 (4) Lara Fabian - Papillon

    Max22 featuring Natalie Miller - Gonna Miss Your Love (18) PJ00s 24

    Thalia - "Amor a la Mexicana" PJRetro 60 (6)


    Sylvie Vartan - "Tous mes copains" PJRetro 56 (29)

    PJXtra 6 (30) ORANGE CARAMEL / ラムのラブソング

    Michala Banas - Kissing The Wind (34) PJ00s 27

    Vincent - Miss Blue (34) PJ00s 32

    PJSC 93 (15) Between Friends - Affection

    PJSC 86 (37) Havana Brown - Like Lightning


    Worlds Apart - "Quand je reve de toi" PJRetro 54 (14)


    PJSC 91 (28) MAX - Cat’s Eye

    PJSC 96 (25) Omar Apollo - Stayback

    PJSC 95 (5) Shygirl - FREAK


    PJSC 90 (28) Phantogram - Blackout Days (Future Island Remix)


    Melody - "Y'a pas que les grands qui revent" PJRetro 53 (17)

    PJSC 97 (45) Bella Ferraro - Believe You

    PJSC 94 (22) Outside The Disco - What If

    And to you all who try:


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  6. That was epic. I was thinking the same thing about the different columns for all of the google sheets.
    I suddenly wish I'd kept a list of my own entries somewhere. I think the highest I've ever come is 8th, but I'm still a nugu newb at this... or feel like one.
  7. I know Chantal and Wayne need my prayers but I'd have to vote for about twice as many winners as I did in the original rounds hmm... Anyway! I like lists, whoa-ho-ho!

    Chantal Kreviazuk - "Wayne" (RETRO#55 - 1st)
    Anna Jantar - Nic nie może wiecznie trwać (RETRO#61 - 21st)
    Izabela Trojanowska - "Tyle samo prawd ile klamstw" (RETRO#53 - 19th)

    Loyal Lobos - Whatever It Is (PJSC#94 - 37th)
    Marie Laforet - "J'ai le coeur gros de temps present" (RETRO#60 - 29th)
    Black Honey - Crowded City (PJSC#87 - 12th)
    U.S. Girls - Mad As Hell (PJSC#91 - 23rd)
    Baby Queen - Pretty Girl Lie (PJSC#96 - 11th)

    Blondfire - Out of the Blue (00s#29 - 31st)
    Single Gun Theory - Illusion (00s#30 - 7th)

    Denai Moore - Blame (PJSC#93 - 21st)
    LPX - Might Not Make It Home (PJSC#86 - 3rd)

    Ania Rusowicz - Ja i Ty (XTRA#1 - 25th)
    Carly Binding - Alright with Me (00s#26 - 31st)

    Bif Naked - Henry (00s#27 - 21st)
    Joan Armatrading - "Persona Grata" (RETRO#56 - 29th)
    Troi Irons - Hold On To Your Heart (PJSC#95 - 45th)
    Charlotte OC - This Pain (PJSC#88 - 31st)

    Natalia Lesz - Power Of Attraction (00s#28 - 29th)

    Natalia Kukulska - "Dłoń" (RETRO#52 - 25th)
    Swimming Girls - Holy Place (PJSC#89 - 31st)
    moistbreezy - Contact (PJSC#97 - 13th)

    Bryde - Peace (PJSC#92 - 32nd)
    Sandy - It's Over (00s#24 - 4th)
    Natalia Nykiel - Total Błękit (XTRA#2 - 13th)
    Doda - Nie mam dokąd wracać (XTRA#5 - 20th)
    Maisey Rika - Tangaroa Whakamautai (XTRA#6 - 12th)

    Mahinārangi Tocker - When I Grow Up (00s#31 - 34th)
    Teri Moise - "Les poemes de Michelle" (RETRO#58 - 20th)
    Edyta Geppert - "Sauve-toi mon pauvre coeur" (RETRO#54 - 10th)

    Maisey Rika - Reconnect (00s#32 - 27th)

    Cassie Davis - Do It Again (00s#23 - 11th)
    Ich + Ich - Du erinnerst mich an Liebe (00s#22 - 24th)

    Moana & the Moahunters - "Black Pearl" (RETRO#59 - 32nd)
    Alex C featuring Yass - Du Bist So Porno (00s#21 - 11th)

    Ria - The One (PJSC#90 - 39th)
    Lenka - The Show (00s#25 - 18th)
    Raf - "Imagination Lover" (RETRO#57 - 13th)

    Edyta Górniak - Co tylko chcesz (XTRA#3 - 3rd)
  8. These lists are epic! I like how you could pretty much identify the contestant from the styles/genres/performers they submit. It’s almost the equivalent of a personalised Popjustice fingerprint.

    I’ve compiled mine and listened to the playlist I put together, and it’s become clear there’s a through-line connecting all my entries across the 4 contests: pure pop - and if there’s dubious choreography to match it, all the better! Oh, other than them being pretty much amazing and they should have had top 10 placings of course.
  9. I dont understand these lists at all
  10. Whilst voting is open, folk are ranking the entries they submitted to PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s and PJXtra during 2020. Let it never be said this forum doesn't jump at the opportunity for a list! You're very welcome to do the same if you're so inclined.

    Tomorrow we'll start delving into the winning songs.

  12. By whom'st?

    That's right it was she, it was me.

  13. My 2020 PJSC entries personal ranking (from most favorite to least favorite):

    Tenille Arts - Somebody Like That (#14) Round 96

    Claudia Valentina - 4:15 (#1) Round 97

    Tape Machines (feat. Mia Pfirrman) - Arms Of Gold (#27) Round 94
    Michael Medrano - Fluids (#7) Round 88
    Klara Hammarström - Nobody (#20) Round 91
    Hedda Mae - Madness (#11) Round 95
    Giulia Be - Too Bad (#50) Round 86
    Jake Germain - Over U (#21) Round 87
    Leah Kate - Fuck Up The Friendship (#31) Round 92
    Carla Fernandes - Por Qué (#47) Round 93
    Lina Hedlund - Breathe (#48) Round 89
    Lina Mayer - So High (#44) Round 90
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  14. I still listen to this.
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  15. Are you participating in the PJ Grammys? Let's vote for her for Best New artist. It's what she deserves.
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  16. I was pondering that possibility. I probably will now.
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  17. Let's take a closer look at the songs we'll be voting for in the first...


    "Du och jag precis som Courtney
    Fick jag min Kurt Cobain"

    SONG: '1995'
    ARTIST: Krista Siegfrids
    CONTEST: PJXtra 3 (June 2020)

    SUBMITTED BY: @Doodvid
    FIERCEST OPPONENT: 'Devinez' by Zoë (86 points) @WoW73

    The less said about the historical innacuracy of a 1996 Spice Girls poster on the single cover, the better.
    We'll never know if Krista blitzed the competition due to the fact it was only up against 19 other songs or whether it's just because '1995' is a cute bop and a half, but it became my second winning song across the contests in the space of 2 months. It was the only entry to breach the 100 point total in PJXtra 3 although in this particular Rumble it holds the distinction of being the third lowest scoring winning entry of 2020.

    "There's a knock on my door
    Every quarter past four"

    SONG: '4:15'
    ARTIST: Claudia Valentina
    CONTEST: PJSC 97 (December 2020)
    SUBMITTED BY: @saviodxl
    BITTER ENEMY: 'Attention' by Brooke (105 points) @OspreyQueen

    @saviodxl comfortably sneaked their first victory of 2020 in the final month of the year and subsequently snatched 1 of 3 remaining spaces in the Rumble songlist with the sultry sound of Claudia Valentina. The song itself is described by the record label as being "an anthem for anybody familiar with the “U up?” text from fuckboys the world over ". @saviodxl certainly played to the audience, right? (NOTE: avoid accidentally searching for 'Claudia Valentine' unless you're after a very *different* type of "entry" if you know what I mean...)

    "Head hurts and I'm restless
    Can't deal with your bullshit
    I know, yeah, I know that it's true"

    SONG: '5 Of Your Exes'
    CONTEST: PJSC 87 (February 2020)
    MOST POWERFUL FOE: 'CHALO' by Celina Sharma (120 points) @imaduck

    In a closely fought battle for the top spot way back in February last year (oh for those naive days of truly not knowing what was to come), @DJHazey walked away with a first PJSC gold medal with a worthy winner that also stands out in this contest for another significant reason. '5 Of Your Exes' is small but perfectly formed, clocking in at just 2 minutes and 18 seconds. It therefore has the shortest duration of all our 2020 winning entries (although not the shortest of all the PJSC entries last year - that distinction goes to my Big Brother fake girlband Kandy Floss With A K and 'I Want It All') Did VVAVES provide us with the ultimate example of Spotify playlist bait? Who cares? It won!

  18. ALREADY LIVING FOR THESE WRITE-UPS @Doodvid. Classics upon classics upon classics.
  19. Will the write-up for Erika Vikman (the artist I just missed out on entering) be filled with bitterness, resentment and a simmering anger that cannot ever be extinguished?

  20. I forgot to reply yesterday!

    If you gave points to the men:


    If you didn't:



    @Doodvid - to say I am perched to read the upcoming write-ups is an understatement!

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