Popjustice Song Contest XXIII (23) // IMADUCK TO THE RESCUE // Results at 8PM BST, tonight.

Just back and catching up. My aim was to get top 5 after getting top 10 last contest. Oblivion got to 15th place which isn't bad considering it is a bit of a grower. Well Chuffed with 12 points from Imaduck! (which is even better than being in in the top 5).
- Shame Molly didn't win as I am not a fan of the winning song but congrats Eyeline. Thanks Imaduck for flawless hosting again since Oriflop didn't turn up,
This is the second time the winner has been a song I previously considered entering. Congrats eyeline. Thanks for taking over imaduck. I blame Oricon's curse for my worst ever finish.
My 12 points is awful but so catchy.

"Originally Posted by HeartSwells
12 // World of Girls - Weekend Girl"

Keep up. My taste remains amazingly shit. (Wash 'n' Set was a better FEMM)

Is HeartSwells gonna join me in the 0 point club

I will never sink that low, but thanks for jinxing it xoxo. Much love to ladygagaogaga who certainly did not deserve last place (you're welcome for those 6 points)

Keep the k-pop coming vikeyoel, chanex remains incredible. To be fair most of my list came from posters I love so thanks for being great.

I should also thank seven and txetxu!!
I don't really like the winner, I already knew the 2nd- and 3rd-place songs, and my song came in 16th: Not very good results for me...

Also, here is a scatterplot:

View attachment 2444

A few songs are missing from this graph, but this shows my formula's predictions against the actual scores.
Another Top 5, boom! The Susan Lucci of PJSC strikes again.

It's cruel how you drag me along as winner for like 40-50% of every PJSC all for it to go to shite at the end.

How many times have me/Oricon/Duck been Top 5 now? The shade of it all.
FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money eyeline 119 1st
Molly Sandén - Freak WowWowWowWow 98 2nd
Jennifer Davies - Lapse Of Time (James Njie Remix) imaduck 97 3rd
T-ara - Sugar Free Oricon 97 4th

If you both have 97 points, aren't you tied for third?

Thank you to the people who gave me points (especially Txetxu for the 12!). Was worried for a while there I'd end up with nul points...


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Yessssss, 6th! Highest position ever, thanks a lot for all the votes you wonderful people!

Shame about the winning song though.
Re: Popjustice Song Contest XXIII (23) // SUBMISSIONS KINDA OPEN NOW

Congrats, eyeline! And for the record, here:

Oricon, cancel the round. Everyone give up. We have a clear winner and I've been slain.

I was talking about 'Fxxk Boys Get Money'. I knew it was the winner as soon as I clicked the link.
Oh the irony of ironies: after some 15 efforts I finally got my first top ten finish here but only after giving up on PJSC ever "getting" my Noughties faves and deciding to go for something totally Eighties just for the heck of it...

So me & Matia Bazar thank especially Laurence & MrDexB for the full twelves, and Chanex & Kamikaze for the other big'uns, and of course everybody else who had the guts to go Oldies here, hehe.
Well all that waiting and we get shite at No. 1, but congrats to eyeline anyway I guess. 17th is definitely a nicer position to be in than 2nd to last though, so thanks to all who voted for Lemaitre
Happy with top 10! Thanks to Rogue, Russron (didn't expect points from you!), Strangekin, TheMerryGoRoundLife, Totto & especially Oricon for the 12 points. (Love you and your floppy hosting skills <3) Congrats to eyeline.


STAN! I think this is the only time you've given me 12 points? Need to amend that ASAP!