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Popjustice Song Contest XXIII (23) // IMADUCK TO THE RESCUE // Results at 8PM BST, tonight.

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Oricon, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. I found this song when I was researching what to enter for the OPS foreign language round as an alternate (because Eric G scared me into thinking Ofra would get vetoed and I'd need one!) I fell in love with it then and love the guts it took to enter it in PJSC and how well it did! Kudos!

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWX4! Congrats on Freak I have been singing it to myself all week, only sometimes the melody with the lyrics from Creep by TLC. It's hard to shoehorn them in, but the main chorus is easy: "so I cre eee eeeaaap…on the down low…no one has to know…."
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  2. Ties are broken here.


    Also, attached here are two excel sheets - one is my hosting template, which cuts pre time 10 fold with some serious excel formulas (which I've made visible for you) the second sheet is my hosting sheet for this round, it took about 1hr to go from orimess - imadone. The formulas are hidden in the Final spreadsheet so it doesn't look messy, but you can see them all in the template and see them at work in the spreadsheet.

    (if you want to see the formulas in the Final spreadsheet just ctrl+A and turn all text black)

  3. I suggest looking more into Arcas videos. Quite entertaining I'll be keeping my eye on him.
  4. 4th from bottom - time to go back to PJOPS for me.
  5. Funny thing is, I already had it vetoed once in the OPS contest last spring - but only because someone else had already submitted another Matia Bazar song for the same round. So after constantly flopping with newer stuff here, and realizing it would be such a shame if Ti Sento was never tried anywhere, I thought this just might actually be a surprisingly good fit for PJSC as well.

    I wonder what other Oldies songs if any have finished in the top ten here?
  6. I'm going to be bringing Anabel Fay realness next round.
  7. So I have moved up from 15th position to 14th position? Yay.
  8. Your spreadsheet says I am 16th, but when you first posted the final standings you put me 18th. I always thought you may have something against me, but damn. That or you really hated World of Girls.

    Just messin with you Imaduck, it was probably a typo. Your emergency hosting was life-saving and we all appreciate it.
  9. Hey! Why the heck didn'tcha? After all, I've given points to stuff like Sunny Hill and Ladies' Code before, so... I may be ancient but I know good K-pop when I hear it, hehe.
  10. 37... flopping is my game, I guess. Imaduck didn't even get my name right, that's how floppy I am (crying forever.)

    Anyway, thank you to Oricon, jinzo, russron, and especially Raisin Hell and vikeyeol for the 12 pointers! You were my light during these dark times. (Sobbing.)
  11. Wow Goddess was coming 6th at one point... before tumbling into oblivion. Hey ho.
  12. Oh my this Arca chap is a big deal.

    Bjork abd FKA Twigs priduction credits. In fact the entirety of Bjorks next album
  13. Wow!! Thank you all so much! So... do I have to start the new round today?
  14. I'd say you may want to set it up for next weekend if you want a long voting period.
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