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Popjustice Song Contests Hub: PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s, PJXtra – The Re-Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Haha! I promise I wasn't trying to derail the convo into a 'scheduling concerns'. My brain was just looking at it from the logistics of if the contest did become more frequent (of which I perhaps misunderstood). But yeah, 6 per year and a name change would likely be better.

    Ultimately, I guess an argument could be made that if a contest doesn't run as often as the three others, is it ever going be taken as seriously as those contests and/or always considered an extra thing? I'm not sure what the solution is there, though. It's still the new kid on the block (hangin'_tough.mp3), so some of this will sort itself out in time, I'm sure.
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  2. If you all knew some of the crazy new PJinspired games I have been planning behind the scenes. Whew.
    (I hope to announce one early next year after my M2M rate.)

    The potential name idea of PJLingua popped in my brain when I was voting this past round.
  3. But the other three contests don't have the same frequency either. There are 12 PJSC rounds per year, while PJRetro and PJ00s have about 8, which isn't that far from PJXtra's 6. I think it having a new round every two months, with a longer gap between rounds, complements the other contests' schedules well and helps keep people who participate in all the contests from getting overwhelmed.
  4. I cackled (in foreign)
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  5. Oh, oops. I don't think I realized that. It feels like I participate them all almost every month.
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  6. This
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  7. This would be high-key iconic though.
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't view PJ00s, PJ Retro and PJXtra (to some extent) as 'this song won't do well in PJSC, so I'm sending it here' contests (even though they might've stemmed from that), but rather a celebration of diversity without clashing too much with less significant aspects of music in entries, which are already filled with many relatively new releases, therefore leaving some space to sort a ton of potential entries?

    Of course, it's rather tricky to participate in all four contests at once, but it's always easier to arrange the potential entries into these categories.
    And wasn't there a discussion of a song contest dedicated to the 10's music recently? People naturally tend to submit more recent songs to PJSC, because, well, we're living in present (except @berserkboi and Aussie company, who live in the future), which is the reason that setting more different timeframes and restrictions helps create a much more consistent and breathable timespan for everyone to try something they like.
    That's why some users only take part in PJ Retro, for example - I assume they just wouldn't bother to send a song from 1976 to PJSC and listen to tons of modern music in return.

    Exactly. If every contest ran, let's say, each month, there would certainly be more absences. It's all about the balance.

    Also, PJFLOP is an iconic idea. I can't think of a better name + abbreviation, honestly (hey, PJOPS ran for 40-something rounds without a name change!)
  9. I thought that PJ00 had 9 or 10 a year?
    Anyway there is another important issue that effects RPY (rounds per year) taking into account the amount of contests running at the same time.
    (4 contests open at one time being the workable limit).
    The special compilation contests and rates that go along with the 4 contests. (Winners rates, PJVeto rates and Second chance contests).
    The very first PJ00 second chance round included songs from the first 10 contests.
    However it did proceeded during regular PJ00 rounds, not between.

    I've been waiting for the right time for me to open PJOPS / PJRetro 2nd chance (open to submissions right now @Jeffo)
    And we did so the moment that PJXtra 4 concluded.
    @berserkboi and I knew that the contest left a contest length gap between editions.

    When PJXtra takes it's month break each round, the special rates and contests that go along with the main 4 can take place.

    We need a schedule to spread and plan all of these into an order.
    Because I am looking forward to the next PJSC 2nd chance and PJ00 2nd chance and they should be held this year. Also the new idea of PJVeto, when are we doing PJ00Veto?
  10. If PJ00s Veto becomes a thing - let me quickly send the entire discography of Siobhan Donaghy to panel so we can turn it into her discography Rate! Dddd (joking)
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The next PJ00s Second Chance round will be hosted by me after round 37 concludes.
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  12. Why that far away?
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  13. The next PJXtra round will open early November, so some time to breathe/do a rate!
  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Spacing. The last one was basically Round 12.5, then we had the winners’ rate after Round 25, so I thought it would be nice to have the next second chance round as Round 37.5 ahead of the next winners’ rate after round 50.
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  15. I was thinking that when (if) that mythical server change happens, it'd make sense for song contests to be included in the sub-forum's name. Something like "Charts, rates & song contests". They're a pretty big part of the sub-forum, but anyone who doesn't visit it probably has no idea about their existence.
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  16. That whole menu needs a change up.

    Delete Xfactor.

    Rates and contests separate from lists and charts. Add Eurovision to rates and contests. There are barely more than 3 threads in rotation for a week there.

    And I also find issue with non-English being so weird. K-pop is separate, but J-Pop is in the main forum then?
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  17. There are a bunch of changes that are going to be made, supposedly, when that server change happens. I only brought the song contests thing up because it's something I don't think I've seen mentioned anywhere.

    The other changes are kind of off-topic here, but I do think it makes sense for there to continue being Eurovision and K-Pop sub-forums. The Eurovision one is quite active during Eurovision season, even if it's mostly just in a handful of threads, and as for K-Pop, it's down to popularity and also the way the industry works. There are so many new K-Pop releases every month it makes sense for there to be a whole sub-forum dedicated to it.
  18. I asked for a seperate song contest section ages ago and Peter straight up said he didn't think it was worth it which is a shame because it'd be great to have them all archived easier and more accessible.
  19. But wasn't that before PJ00? Things clearly changed since then. Also PJRetro has a higher rotation nowadays. And obviously PJXtra also joined.
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