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Popjustice Song Contests Hub: PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s, PJXtra – The Re-Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Oh it was ages ago, like I said, so there's obviously more room to nudge... I just dont think he cares ddd
  2. A song contest sub-forum would basically only have 3 or 4 active threads at any time so I'm not sure there's much point to it.
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Don’t worry, we’ve raised all of these points with him already.

    It’s just a matter of whether it actually happens or not.
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  4. Is he in the ‘anti-quadruple
    -crown-winner gang’ too? *sigh*
  5. I just made a list of ALL the songs entered in the several contests (incl the PJSC double round), excluding the current rounds. Nearly 7000 entries!

  6. Access Requested!
  7. You can't access it?

    Edit: fixed
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  8. When I copy into the address bar, it tells me I must request access - which I have now done. You might get an email from a Berserkboi On The Phone in your Inbox shortly!
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  9. You should be able to access it now, sis
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  10. Excellent!

    What have I learned about myself? I've sent Dalida, Amiel and Susumu the most - three times each! Hot on their tail are Sylvie Vartan, The Presets, Partenaire Particulier, Helene Rolles, Lola Le Lann, VIDEOCLUB and Bachelor Girl - twice each!

    I have never sent Tina Arena (yet-ish!) - FAKE FAN!!
  11. And, no, @Doodvid - I will not be making a Spotify playlist of all these entries....
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  12. And what have you learned about me?
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  13. Only Dolly Dots and Helene Fischer are a repeat?
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  14. Yes - and I tend to send BOPS
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  15. Can't think of a better place to post this but considering it is late November and anything I discover now is unlikely to make enough of a dent to trouble it - here are some of my Song Contest Highlights of the Year (feel free to post your own if you like! It's always great to reminisce about positives, especially on a year like this one!)

    My Top 5 (+ HM) Favourite Discoveries of the Year!

    Numero 1!

    (Sent by @TéléDex to Retro Second Chance)
    The number of times I have hit REPLAY on an already long song! WOW!!

    Numero 2!

    (Sent by @EscapismIsAnotherPrison to PJXtra)
    I commented at the time that it sounded like Zazie being commissioned to do an 80s banger - and I maintain it possesses all these winning qualities!

    Numero 3!

    (Sent by @DJHazey to PJ00s)
    The amount of times I have watched this Music Video! The Pina Colada Boy got me here, but the song made me stay! Getting an English song into my Top 3 too, you should be proud Hazey!

    Numero 4!

    (Sent by Teledex to PJRetro)
    Monsieur Sends-Berserk-Bait-&-Loves-Susumu strikes again! Anri was always an artist I thought I should explore more since I adore Cat's Eye and this just solidified that was correct!

    Numero 5!

    (Sent by @Hudweiser to PJ00s)
    Like Tina Arena's gorgeous tone in Pure Pop Form in Italian - eargasm does not begin to cover it!!


    Milky - Non So Perche (@WowWowWowWow in PJXtra)
    Marsheaux - Summer (@soratami in PJ00s)
    Ami Suzuki - Can't Stop The Disco (@BeingNormal in PJ00s)
    Daniela Mercury - Miambe Danda (@Ana Raquel in PJXtra)
    Bonnie Pointer - The Beast In Me (@Jeffo in PJRetro)

    Special HM!

    Julien Dore - Porto-Vecchio (@soratami in PJSC)
    I did not even give it points when it was sent last year but now it would easily trounce any of my 12s from PJSC this year, I think!

    There are heaps more songs I've loved and enjoyed but these have just been on repeat the most!


    To think it was 4am my time and I was in bed LOLing through this on a work day!
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  16. Great idea! My favourite song contest memories this year were ABSOLUTELY:
    • The first PJ00s hosted back in January by @londonrain - following the reveals live, literal lolling over Loose Chippins and get my first song contest medal with Sneaky Sound System
    • My first win with Melissa Tkautz in PJ00s 27, which I was able to follow along with live thanks to @berserkboi and @BeingNormal doing reveals at a respectable Australian time.
    • Ditto what @berserkboi said about PJ00s 29, being half asleep but VERY amused at the reveals and the Fierce Girl/Fefe showdown. That GIF of the little girl storming out of the room (then coming back in reverse once @Maki got points) will forever be my favourite.
    As for favourite discoveries? I can't really think of 5 off the top of my head, but my #1 fave is definitely:

    Scavenger Hunt - Eyes Wide Open
    submitted by @If You Go in PJSC93

    In a year of big change, big anxiety and big pandemics, this song really helped get me through some rough patches. A brilliant 'life's only as good as you make it' anthem.
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  17. Thinking about starting a petition to make entering songs from musicals in song contests illegal.
  18. HAHAHAHAHA! I was about to ask that if we got the 5+ Minute Theme in Retro that no one enter a full scene of a musical! Ddddd
  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Why? It's not like they ever win anyway dddd.
  20. So that I don't have to listen to them...
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