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Popjustice Song Contests Hub: PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s, PJXtra – The Re-Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. I've been toying with the idea of how to include PJXtra in this thread with an asterisk, but low-key it hasn't been a high priority for me. I've got some other ideas to spruce up this thread too, but we'll see if/when those might come to fruition.

    Also, I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, but if the third round could only muster 19 participants, it might be worth considering allowing more time between rounds. I don't say that to shit on anyone's enjoyment or to be overly critical, it's just that contest fatigue may be setting in.
  2. Yea, Xtra should be just that in my opinion: an extra round, not monthly.... like 4 times a year ideally and non- English as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I can maintain that list - haven't made one yet, but shouldn't be too much work if teh contest is not a monthly one. I can even add the songs from the extra round (round 80, I think) that inspired PJXtra
  4. There have been pretty long gaps between rounds so far, I doubt the gap being one month or three months has much impact on the number of people taking part, because there will always be three other contests taking place at the same time anyway. If anything, the reason this round had a fairly low number of participants was because entries had to have an Eurovision connection, which was a roadblock for some people. Also, for quite a while PJOPS had about 20 or less participants per round, I don't think that's necessarily a problem to begin with.
  5. With all due respect, I'm not invested in PJXtra enough to continue this discussion. Y'all are welcome to take my opinion or leave it.
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  6. That would be a lovely touch to include round 0.
    Your next step Mr. Wow is for you, the creator to make a PJXtra HQ thread.
    After the master list of course.
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  7. Yes I shall - And with your help of course, fellow Sugababes & GA stan!
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  8. Hey there
    @Eric Generic

    What do you think about this for an upcoming PJRetro second chance round? It's long overdue.

    Holding a special second chance contest open to any song entered into PJOPS/PJRetro & PJSC that was released before December 31st 1999.
    Excluding songs which achieved a medal.

    We could also for this contest keep the song selection to the first 30 rounds of PJOPS and the first 50 rounds of PJSC.
  9. The great side of this is that it would allow a lot of us who missed the early rounds to experience/discover great music we may have missed instead of rehashing things we already deem favourites :D
  10. I'm here for that. And on that note, the next PJ00s second chances round should allow 00s songs that were entered in PJSC and in the special PJOPS round too
  11. Might actually participate in the next PJRetro, cause I have a song I wanna enter.
    Hint: this artist/group has been entered in the contest before.
  12. OMG - My Dalida Rate has disappeared! She is back to being Song Contest eligible! Dddddd

    EDIT: Never mind, found it!
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  13. I've made quite a few playlists on Spotify used for various contests the past year; I was thinking about cleaning up my playlists on Spotify, but won't do that if the old lists are still used by people.
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  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I actually save all the playlists and go back to them occasionally. I’ll live if they’re deleted but I actually like having them for completeness.
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  15. Same goes for me. @WoW73 you could always put the song contest playlists in dedicated folders so they don't take up space in your regular playlist list.
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  16. Yea, I had already done that, but was curious if people actually still go back to them. So it turns out, some do - I will keep them in my library
  17. I updated the PJXtra Vault today - @Jeffo, could you add the link to the first post in this thread? Thanks!
  18. I just want to spotlight @londonrain as the King & Queen of these contests: they won all four at least once!
  19. Hello.

    Was wondering whether there’d be a chance of getting a PJSC ‘hub’ thread here in Charts/Rates (similar to Retro/00s/Xtra) as a companion to the Wikidot page? I only ask because it’d be great to have links to the contest threads stored in one place - searching for previous competitions on this forum is really tricky especially as they may have been named differently by the various hosts over the years. It would make them even more accessible.

    Plus, years of experience tells me it’s always best to back-up especially with regards to having everything stored externally. (Yes I’m talking about you, Uni assignments)

    Just a thought & something I’d be happy to help out with if we feel there’s a need.
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