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Popjustice Song Contests Hub: PJSC, PJ Retro, PJ00s, PJXtra – The Re-Up

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Jeffo, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. But you literally said it would be unfair for the solo- English crowd to ever win PJXtra. I am just saying there is an argument to make for the oldies one. I could not care less about the comeback corner. Half of them no longer participate in PJRetro after the rules were changed there. I do not see any point in using that as a valid argument so I disagree with you on that. But I accept you can view it like that.

    Like I said before. In my alternate PJ reality quadruple crowns are a things. If some people want to be strict. Well be strict. For me a contest is a contest. Whether I am in the minority or majority I could not care about at this point. This has been way to drawn out.
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  2. You're feeding my points for me, this is easy! I'm saying there was a need for a separate contest for 00s music and for pre-2000s music because nobody was ever entering those songs in PJSC. What you'd get a stray oldie song per contest. Compared to the three contests getting a handful of foreign language songs every contest and a lot of them doing pretty well, yet the ones that didn't do well would be loudest about it feeling their songs were unfairly slighted for not being English, The difference is a 2000s song/pre-2000s would never do well in PJSC and a foreign language song very well could, so there is no inherent need to have separated the them into their own contest, but the crowd who love those songs over everyone else wanted it as an extra Xtra side piece contest and that's all it should be.

    Also @Jeffo has solid points that again biased eyes/ears aren't going to see/hear them. Look, if there was ever an extra contest that was based on pop music I was passionate about, I can promise you I would feel the same way about it and not want it to be a 'main contest'.
  3. The people most opposed to the idea of a quadruple crown being triple crown winners who don't participate in PJXtra... How curious.
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  4. The thing with Comeback Corner is that even if you don't engage with it directly, it's still more of a significant part of the greater forum culture as it was structured than non-English music outside of Kpop. That's it. You're certainly welcome to disagree with that take.

    Anyway, I'll remind everyone that I'm not saying no to inclusion, I'm just saying I think we need more time to sit with the contest as it's setup now. There are also other options than just all or nothing that I've been mulling over.

    Sis, don't do this. First of all, the point can be flipped on all of the people fighting for inclusion being people who participate in PJXtra (some with wins). Second of all, need I remind you that I tried submitting the song that ended up winning the first round? I might've tried again later but two contests is my personal limit at the moment. I've also defended the non-English/instrumental round of PJOPS despite having very limited options on my longlist for it.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I'm just going to point out here that the following songs from the first fifty rounds of PJSC are all PJOPS eligible. This was more than "a stray oldie song" pre-PJOPS.

    But hey, you've already said that nothing is going to change your mind, so I guess that's that on that as far as you're concerned.

    I can live with the @Jeffo approach of giving it more time. I do, however, have a lot more faith in PJXtra than I did even a couple of rounds ago (after my win) because it does seem to be settling into a regular contest rhythm now. Do I care whether my win specifically gets recognised in this thread in the immediate future? No. But it would be nice to see PJXtra get its fair recognition in due course, even if that isn't right now.
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  6. Oh my God, 75 songs in 50 contests....that's 1.5 songs per contest! You got me there! Nothing is going to change my mind, certainly not that weak argument.
  7. I'll clarify that I also have a reasonable amount of faith in the future of PJXtra at this point but it's hard for me ignore the drama, for lack of a better word, that surrounded it up to this point. I feel like PJ00s, as a counter example, was fairly smooth sailing until, like, a host went AWOL in round 7, and then a future contest legend course-corrected the next round.
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

  9. Ddd, sis, check my edit.
  10. I'm gonna be quick because I have work to do at work but hi:

    -I'd like to see PJXtra count toward the win stats.
    -But I don't think there's any harm in waiting for it to reach a certain milestone (e.g. 10 rounds, a year, something else reasonable) before that happens.
    -Let's not fight over this, I heart you all.
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member


    (I'll agree it was iconic, but I think you'll find a lot of the course correcting was done by the person who had to come up with personalised Eurovision reveals for every participant despite not picking the theme and having to contend with a particularly shouty cat in PMs dddd. I deserve a special medal just for that.)
  12. Having just finally participated in my first PJXtra & read the last few pages... here's a pop3ramble2

    I’ve gotten intrigued with PJXtra as a contest I want to flop in participate in sometimes… as an extra thing. I did always understand it to be just that when it was created & advertised on here, though: an extra thing that might even just run sporadically. If it really is going to be included in cross-contest stats & such… it’s name/branding is not doing it any favors from my point of view. The name/branding of ‘Xtra’ is just always going to make many (including myself who even thinks they understand the contest now) view it as sort of an afterthought that kind of exists on the periphery.

    I do feel there’s a legit place for it the overall contest line-up and do understand some points/concerns on both sides here. Personally, I do think PJXtra would benefit from blossoming into a full-time, monthly (or 10+ as @iheartpoptarts suggested above) contest (and a name change) before it should really be observed in the annals for medal counts, etc. I’d propose if wants to be included in the discussion for cross-contest stats etc, the contest have monthly-ish schedule like the others next year & at the end of 2021 (if we’re all still here) it can be reviewed as to how to recognize it in regard in the grander scheme for the future.

    I do think if 4 contests are going to become the norm for competing for crowns, etc… then a more strategic approach to how the contests are scheduled (i.e. staggered) would need to be considered further. For those of us that like to compete in all 3 of the current regular contests, sometimes it can be a bit much (especially the start date staggering gets off some & the result days get clustered). I know some of this personal responsibility/time-management of each member, but if we did have 4 contests running all the time staggering them so that they all open 1 week apart would be ideal.
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Ddddd this scheduling issue has been a problem since before PJ00s. PJOPS always resolved this issue by having a much longer voting period than PJSC did, and PJ Retro has carried that on for the most part. PJ00s was supposed to try and make sure it always slotted neatly in with the other two, but that hasn't always been feasible.

    Personally I'm fine with a schedule of six times a year for PJXtra, but I do agree that the contest needs to decide on whether it's an "extra" contest or not. The fact that it now has a regular schedule, panel and vault indicates that it's no longer the occasional "extra" it started out as, and I agree that a name change wouldn't go amiss now that the contest actually appears to have a steady theme. What used to drive me nuts about the contest was the fact that nobody could actually explain what it was, whereas now it has settled into effectively being the PJ Foreign Language Song Contest, so a name reflecting that would be more apt.

    Four contests a month is definitely not a great idea and will affect participation across all the contests, so it seems inevitable that PJ00s, PJ Retro and PJXtra should stay slower than PJSC to make it more viable for an appreciable number of people to participate in them as well as regular rates if they want to.
  14. To clarify - I'm happy with the current frequency of PJXtra rounds!

    I meant we could make this decision after PJXtra has run for ten rounds, or for a year, or some other milestone we consider reasonable.

    (I do agree that a name change that better conveys what PJXtra is about might make sense!)
  15. Well, of course, but I'd rather toot my own horn.
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

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  17. Well, a name change HAS been discussed behind the scenes of Xtra among the veto panelists @Doodvid @soratami @berserkboi @Maki & myself recently. More on that... soon-ish
  18. PJFLOP (Foreign Languages Only Please)

    (This is a joke)
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  19. New rule: you win when you come last!
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @Music Is Death found stanning.
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