Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize 2022

Thrilled for her!! Is she the closest to have ever come to the double? Wish she'd grabbed the Mercury now!

Dua won with "Physical" last year and Future Nostalgia was Mercury-shortlisted. Also, Georgia won in 2019 for "About Work the Dancefloor" and Seeking Thrills was up for the Mercury the following year, though I guess that wouldn't technically have been a "double".

Anyway, great to see the Laura Mvula hive rise up!
This felt a bit of an okay but not great list this year. I like many of the artists nominated but don't think those are their best songs which were eligible. Church Girl is much better in my opinion.
I'm happy Laura won, but I have to admit the voting in these things seems very weird. Like, how the hell was She's My Religion top 2 out of that pool of songs?

Reads like they pull two songs out of a hat, remove the loser and put the winner back into the draw.

Hi girls, if you haven't seen I'm running a rate in Charts & Rates as a retrospective of the past twenty years of Twenty Quid Prizes! We'll get to last year's nominees in a future part but for now we are rating the nominees from 2003-2007, and I mean look at the material!

Iconic winners, questionable nominees, some things never change... Voting is open until April 3rd and I would love to have you x