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Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lost In Japan., Jul 22, 2021.

  1. That list is a virus.
  2. I only know four of these so... guess I'm a flop!

    Good to see Charli, Rina, and SG getting some recognition. Harry and the Xmas song? Jail
  3. Panic by Phoebe AXA though. What a fucking song.
  4. Based on those I know, Rina to win please.
  5. Some good points
  6. Finally got around to listening to the playlist. I was already familiar with seven of the songs, but All I Ever Asked, Merry Christmas *sigh*, Let's Do It Again, Panic and Primadonna were all new to me.

    How I'd rank them:

    God tier, deserve to win
    Good Ones
    Something About Your Love
    This Hell

    Great songs whose inclusion feels justified
    As It Was
    Cardboard Box

    Good songs that sound like they could have been nominated any time over the last fifteen years

    Nice enough but not sure they deserve to be here
    All I Ever Asked
    Twice In A Lifetime

    Not really my thing, but good for him
    Let's Do It Again

    I pretend I do not hear it
    Merry Christmas
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  7. The 1 heart…
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  8. Did this happen?
  9. Queen died
  10. The judging has taken place but I think Peter has decided to hold off announcing until the Mercury Prize does so too.
  11. It was announced a couple of days ago the Mercury Prize ceremony is happening October 18 so I guess that's probably when we'll find out the winner here too.
  12. I guess this is cancelled then?
  13. It’s a strange one. The judging has taken place but Peter hasn’t announced on the main page or via the PJ socials yet. I presumed it would’ve come out last night along with the Mercury if he was planning to announce it.
  14. Congrats on our winner
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  15. Peter never releasing results on his website?

  16. I'm hoping we'll get the results this week, but who can be sure about anything re PJ at this point.
  17. It’s a miracle the site still exists.
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  18. Flop
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  19. Maybe we can all agree to pretend the winner was Shed Earache and that it killed off the Prize for good?
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