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PopJustice's Fashion Photo Ruview S10 - MAKEOVER VOTING OPEN!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to PopJustice's FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW

    *royalty free music plays*

    Today, you're going to be tooting and booting the looks on the runway of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10!!

    Episode Guide
    1. Entrance Looks & Drag On a Dime: Coming Soon
    2. Best Drag: Runways / Round Up
    3. Feathers on the Runway: Runways / Round Up
    4. Last Ball on Earth: Runways / Round Up 1 / 2 / 3
    5. Denim & Diamonds: Runways / Round Up
    6. Hats Incredible: Runways / Round Up
    7. Mermaid Fantasy: Runways / Round Up
    8. Glitterific: Runways / Round Up
    9. Party Like It's 2069: Runways / Round Up
    10. Makeover Challenge: Runways /

    1. Entrance Looks: Runways / Round Up
    2. RuDemption Runway: Runways / Round Up
    3. Wigs on Wigs on Wigs: Runways / Round Up
    4. Flower Power: Runways / Round Up
    5. Warhol Ball: Runways / Round Up
    6. Kitty Girls: Runways / Round Up
    7. Red for Filth: Runways / Round Up
    8. Finale: Runways / Round Up

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  2. RULES

    You will PM me using the list provided under each episode's runway with a simple Toot or Boot.

    You are allowed ONE Shoot for each episode.

    The look with the best average will become the Top Toot of the Week!

    Commentary is appreciated if you'd like to provide it but you can also post it after the result is revealed.​


    Aja - Toot/Boot
    Bebe - Toot/Boot
    BenDelaCreme - Toot/Boot
    Chi Chi DeVayne - Toot/Boot
    Kennedy Davenport - Toot/Boot
    Milk - Toot/Boot
    Morgan McMichaels - Toot/Boot
    Shangela - Toot/Boot
    Thorgy Thor - Toot/Boot
    Trixie Mattel - Toot/Boot

    Voting CLOSED
    *Normally it wouldn't be this fast, but I'm trying to catch up with the episodes as they air for a more comfortable schedule*
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  4. Yaaass I'm in.
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  5. Voted!
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  6. This is such a good idea!! Do we have to use our shoot each episode?
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  7. If you feel nothing deserves it that episode you don't have to use it, the option is always there though.
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  8. I'm in!
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  9. Oh hey this looks fu--
  10. Lowkey just wanted to skip to the next 3 episodes where the runways were better, but I needed a less unanimously good runway to figure out how I was going to do the formula. This was the perfect candidate cause so much of it is so bad.

    But one man's boot is another man's shoot.
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  11. Voted! Hope you guys give Bebe the shoots she deserves.​
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  12. Voted!!
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  13. 13 voters (thanks for the quick turn out) and so far only ONE queen has complete toots.
  14. We can't do worse than Raja really.
  15. While I have you here, for Episode 2 do you guys want to rate all 18 looks as in their RuDemption Runways and their VH1 Diva looks? I feel like we shouldn't be doing their challenge looks but it's up to you guys, this is a really easy process to do so if y'all want it.
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  16. For episode 1 are we just ruviewing the entrance looks or the talent show looks too?
  17. I think we'll just leave it at the Entrance looks. I think it'll be a bit unfair if they get Boots for looks that were made for a specific performance rather than just to be a look. Y'know.

    Unless y'all want to do it too.

  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Ooooh I'm in!
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