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Popjustice's "The Slasher": Season 1 | The Slashies HAPPENING NOW

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Welcome to the first season of, what I hope to be the first of many, a new Popjustice game called: Slasher.
    We have 20 campers all on a trip, stuck on Camp ground. Some of your closest friends are Slashers who will kill your guts while you innocently let it happen. All of you are stuck on this land, and many twists and drama will occur every night until the CAMPERS kill the Slashers, or the SLASHERS slay you innocent little Campers.
    The objective of the game is to survive until the very end.

    What will happen in the game:
    There are 20 roles in the game: 11 normal campers, 5 slashers and 4 campers with special abilities (these are described down below).

    Roles will be sent out once the sign ups are filled.

    There is two parts of the game, Night and Day. During the Night the Slashers will decide who to kill off and tell me via PM who their victim is. I will then reveal the unlucky victim. Then during the Day all the campers will decide to vote who they think is a Slasher. The person with the most votes will be killed off. Be careful though, you could easily vote off the wrong person.

    The Roles:
    Campers: - 10 Players, these are completely normal, boring, and stale people. Just trying to stay alive it seems
    Slashers: - 6 Players As also said, these are the killers the campers need to find out their identities. They will also vote to kill a camper every night, while trying to stay secret.

    These 4 special campers are:

    Psychic - Every night chooses a player, and can see their identity. But be careful, you go off and tell everyone you're a Psychic and that you saw a Slasher, and you can accidentally tell a Slasher - giving your identity and life away!

    Tabloid Reporter - Every night they receive the conversations of the Slashers, and need to try and help find out who they are based off clues. Best thing would be if they found the Psychic and teamed up, huh?


    Cop - The person who can save someone each night from the Slashers, hopefully they can save the right person. The Cop will PM me the person they want saved each Night.

    Hottie - You're hot. So hot you get two votes, one to use publicly and a secret one you will PM to me so nobody will figure out who you are. This can help you look honest, kill slashes, and destroy any tiebreakers without being caught!
    1. johnny_tsunami
    2. joe_alouder
    3. Sam de Jour
    4. silkandskin
    5. Island
    6. munro
    7. Daniel!
    8. Constantino
    9. Tribal Spaceman
    10. Petty Mayonnaise
    11. Oleander
    12. VicePresidentJocasta
    13. 2014
    14. Terminus
    15. GagapourGaga
    16. Jwentz
    17. Uno
    19. dodoriazarbon
    20. Mushroom
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  3. This is awesome!!!!! Sign me up pleaaaaase. Love it love it love it.
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  4. hey hi hello sign me up x
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  5. Meeeee
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  6. Yeah this sounds fun
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  8. @Aidan put me at no. 1 where I belong
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  9. No 1 on the list to die xo

    Is this a yes to participating?
  10. I haven’t actually read the rules yet I just wanted to use that gif

    Put me down as undecided

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  12. I love the Werewolf game.

    Sign me up for this.
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  13. Yas let's kill each other.
  14. I'm ready.

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  16. I love a good massacre. Sign me up.
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  17. Can't wait for the artificial tensions created in this thread to spill over to other places on the forum.
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