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Popjustice's "The Slasher": Season 1 | The Slashies HAPPENING NOW

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Dddddddd at me being the only "nominee" that didn't win. I somehow out-Susan Lucci'd Susan Lucci.


    The struggles of dying so early on.
  2. I'm glad that talent is succeeding at this awards show x
  3. Me collecting my 1/4 of The Alessia Cara Award for doing nothing but still being here, bitch

  4. *sneaks into the deserted auditorium in the hopes that someone has left behind a goody bag*

    Oh hello @Aidan. You're still here? That's good then. On behalf of my fellow slashers and myself I would like to present you with this most prestigious award, for the carnage you have inflicted upon the forum.
    I'm sure it'll look lovely in your bathroom.
  5. Time to close the thread and finally name it Miss Keisha, because oh my fuckin' god she fuckin' dead.
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