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Popjustice's "The Slasher": Season 1 | The Slashies HAPPENING NOW

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Aidan, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Girl you sound like a major slasher

    Nice to see a little witch hunt against me after I finish werq.
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  2. I vote Terminus as terminator.
  3. Vote: Big Bang
  4. I can't wait to see how shook y'all are when I'm revealed as the slasher in a last minute twist

  6. I was promised a death, not a last minute rescue.
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  7. I guess the only way to vote right now is... Terminus. Sorry sis. You ain't comin' for my tent.
  8. Well then lucky for you I've killed @2014!


    Not part of the game he's just dead.

    Also if he posts it's because I hacked his account and am trying to throw the feds off my trail thank u
  9. It’s what she deserves.jpg after that Act My Age slander.
  10. Why are ya'll voting @Big Bang.

    You know the gif he'll use once he's offed.
  11. Oh he isn't in the season DDDDD? A true twist.

    Anyways, I vote @SockMonkey
  12. Let me just step out the camp hot tub with my bit of meat....

    I can’t believe how easily y’all were swayed, I’ve only come here to look after some kids, smoke a few drugs and have the summer of our lives, you’d best not kill off you common sense so soon.
    I vote @SockMonkey
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  13. Vote: Terminus
  14. How dare you
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  15. I fell asleep but to be honest I’m just glad I didn’t get offed first.

    I don’t really know who to vote for but Terminus sold me some shit weed so lemme vote for ha ass.
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  16. This un-popularity contest instead of looking for the real killers.
    I’m just a harmless slut.
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  18. Slashers kill at night babe, literally no correlation. Maybe I chose you because you’re the first member on my mind~

    Ill change to Vote: Terminus - there’s been mention of information against him and his defence was weak. Bye ho.
  19. This information is false, somebody want to check my cabin for clues, as you’ll e disappointed.

    Y’all are being led on a very merry tale, by one of the killers.
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