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Popjustice's "The Slasher" - Season 2 // Slashy Mayonnaise

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sam, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Sam


    to the second season of Popjustice’s The Slasher.


    Bringer of betrayal and gang-handedness and false leads and undercover preciouses, and more. We have some new roles and rules in play babies, oh yes indeedy.

    We have 25 players all on a trip in the woods. Friends and comrades and acquaintances, but plot twist bish, there are killers among you. For the foreseeable future, everyone is stuck together on the campsite. You’ve radioed for help but there’s no signal, you can’t run and you can’t hide, but you can try your hardest to work together and figure out what’s what.

    Alliances will be made and broken, friendships will be tested, your trust and your relationships will be pushed to the limit. The slashers will make a group decision on who they want to kill, each night. They cannot veto the same person two nights in a row. The following day, the campers will attempt to discern who the slashers are, and will majority vote to off whoever they decide on. The objective, obviously, is to survive until the very end.

    The players are as follows:
    13 campers.
    6 Slashers.
    6 Special Roles, but which teams do they belong to? That depends entirely on the roles they are given.

    The roles are:


    You’re an off-duty copper, but a situation may arise when you will need to put your police training to the test. You can save one person per night, by providing them with armour, but never two nights in a row. The armour will be returned to the you after it has saved the camper’s life. You can give it to them in future, but for the last time. Meaning you can only save someone twice before their time is up.


    You’re like, totally gorgeous, so you can vote twice against who you think is a slasher, during the day time. Choose wisely.


    Once a night, the psychic can use their intuitive divination skills to find out the role of a player of their choosing. You can also bring one camper back from the dead at any point during the game, but again, choose wisely, as once you resurrect someone, you can’t resurrect anyone else. The resurrected camper will re-enter play as if they had never been dead.


    You will receive a [REDACTED] version of the Slasher’s transcript each night. You would do wisely to team up with the cop or the Psychic to try and figure out who is who.


    During the day, if a vote is made against a camper, you can jump in front of the group and sacrifice yourself. Who you save is up to you, so you must also be careful in your decision. If you successfully save someone’s life, you will be out of play for four days whilst you recover from your injuries, and you will then return as a regular camper.


    You are the @VicePresidentJocasta of this game. If the psychic chooses to reveal your role, you will appear to be a humble camper, however you are secretly able to conspire with the Slashers on who is to be killed each night. Your true allegiance will be revealed if and when you die.

    So guys and gals, there we have it. I hope you all find it balanced, let me know what you think and we can fill the remaining available spaces. I’ve updated the first post too. Our game begins on Monday, with the first death on Monday evening.

    Slashers: I will let you all know individually your role, and also who else shares your role. I will advise on how to communicate as a group in your group message.

    Absolutely no screenshots allowed to be shared via PMs or in the thread. If I find out, you will be disqualified.

    The below is our list of sign ups, including those who have already expressed interest:

    1. Aidan
    2. Jordanlols
    3. 2014
    4. Terminus
    5. munro
    6. nikkysan

    7. Jwentz
    8. BTG
    9. Nillness

    10. johnny_tsunami
    11. Beautiful Child 2
    12. Big Bang
    13. dodoriazarbon
    14. Lander
    15. Laurence
    16. citoig

    17. Remorque

    18. Petty Mayonnaise

    19. Beginner

    20. fancygreen
    21. Rem
    22. NuhdeensPassport
    23. Island
    24. Bangers&Bops
    25. Rommers

    The rules above are not absolute. Feedback is welcome so gameplay is as smooth sailing as possible. Any suggestions or questions just post in the thread, or my inbox is open.

    Happy Camping. x​
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  2. Sam


  3. The Slashies haven't even finished yet. I know because I've been waiting backstage to announce the final award since Friday.
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  4. I still don't get why this is happening so soon...
  5. The bodies of the season 1 campers aren't even cold yet, sis.

  6. The wi-fi in the motel @Big Bang is laying low in while she incriminates Taeyang in her fake disappearance is on the fritz, so I'm here to submit her application in her stead. She says she looks forward to playing with you all once the press attention has died down. xx
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  7. Sign me up
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  8. I want in x
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    me me me
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  10. I’m in
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  11. You already know I’m in.
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  12. are we not having a mostly new cast?
  13. This looks interesting, count me in, been meaning to take part in a game one of these days.
  14. I’m in.
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  15. BTG


    I'm in.
  16. Count me in!
  17. Fuck a new cast. I'M IN.
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  18. Sam


    Well no asked you did they sis x
  19. I feel like one of those X Factor contestants whose mum filled out an application form on their behalf without their knowledge and now I have to actually go on TV after 3 auditions to the producers dddDdDD
  20. I'm excited to watch this mess but will high-key miss killing y'all.
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