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Poppy - Flux

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Poppy, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Mess @ me not digging the first two songs from this as much as anything from the EAT EP.
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  2. The new single is excellent. Beyond excited for the album, love the album cover.
  3. kal


    Her > Dark Dark World tho.

    Flux is a bit of a grower for me. But holy shit, the music video is pretty wild! Not in the sense of what happens, but I’m really into the whole animated surrealist vibe.

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  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Flux is really good, but I don’t get why her vocals are so buried in the mix? I can barely even hear the lyrics.
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  6. Mh...her recent output doesn´t really grab me. The songs sound a bit dated and less innovative (I thought her doing "babymetal", japanese inspired takes on pop-rock was very smart) ...
    Also her visuals are kind of regressive?
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  7. I am gutted. I always loved her music and I saw her on the Poppy.Computer and I Disagree tours (I still wear her merch to the gym ddd) but I haven’t been hooked by anything since the original release of I Disagree (album) which was a perfect blend of pop / metal and her persona. This feels so bland in comparison and the production is quite shoddy with her vocals mostly buried under the mix.
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  8. kal


    I get where the criticism is coming from, but I still dig this. The chorus is super infectious, and I guess the whole thing is supposed to be taken at face value. It’s definitely more basic compared to the genre bending of I Disagree, and the screamo fest of EAT, but So Mean is still very much Poppy in her element.
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  9. kal


    This is really cohesive. Current highlights for me are Lessen The Damage & Hysteria.
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  10. The album is receiving rave reviews. So happy for her after all Titanic drama.
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    It’s a pretty great album. I wasn’t expecting the pivot to more 00s pop-rock but her voice sounds so great on those longer drawn out tracks.
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  12. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This…isn’t doing a whole lot for me on first listen. Flux and Her are still great, and Never Find My Place gets pretty close to being a 10 even if it never quite hits. But the rest feels very underwritten and flat? I Disagree and Am I a Girl had so much more bite, even in their quieter moments.
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  13. I wasn't expecting to like this because my expectations were squandered by the singles, especially after the EAT EP. I craved for her to explore the screamo element of her music more, so I'd only listened to the singles 1-2 times each. That said, as a whole, it makes more sense to me, and I actually enjoy the direction she's decided to pivot in for now. It's clearly a bit lighter and looser than EAT + I Disagree, and less rooted in metal than nearly every shade of '90s rock.

    Her cover of Jack off Jill's Fear of Dying now feels like a hint toward this direction. The album itself reminds me of one of those lost, OG late '90s girl rock albums found in the deep depths of the CD section of Hot Topic. That's not shade, it just reminds me of like... shades of Jack off Jill, scarling., Rasputina, etc.

    One of my frequently used quotes on this site, but: the singles work better within the context of the album. It's a short, tight collection of songs, and as usual, the pacing is wonderful. I get the impression she needed to make this album for herself, to get a lot of her emotions off her chest, and it all works for me, really.

    I'm still soaking it in, and it definitely isn't as extreme sonically as her most recent work, but there's nothing here I'd skip? My favorites are Hysteria (!!!), As Strange As It Seems, So Mean, and On the Level.
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  14. .... Is no one else enjoying this?

    I wonder why she didn't tack on Fear of Dying, it would have fit perfectly as track 6!
  15. I'm enjoying it! I was just spending a bit of time with it until I formed a proper opinion. Much as I like her flirtations with hard rock I'm glad that this switches things up. It's pretty straight forward and keeps all of the familiar Poppy hooks that I love. So I'm pretty satisfied with it.
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  16. I haven't gotten around to listening to the whole album yet but the last 1:30 of Never Find My Place obliterated me.
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  17. I listened once or twice and was surprised at how little I was enjoying it; I'll have to get back in here whenever I listen more
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