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Poppy - I Disagree (New Album) & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Poppy, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Sorry if there's already a thread for it, but Poppy's new lead single "Metal" is now out in NZ:
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  2. Oh she's still trying?
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  3. I asked a user on another forum about the sound and they describe it as "Alternative, weird structure, heavy synths"
  4. It's not out in Australia at all?

    It doesn't clock out till midnight for another hour and 10 minutes.

    Definitely would be out in NZ though.
  5. Oop, my uncultured a** thought time zones there would be the same, sorry, rip.
  6. It sounds a little bit like a song from Bionic, doesn't it?
  7. I heard some of it earlier and its very weird. Low life remains her best in my opinion.
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  8. - the original's better.
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  9. the instrumental sounds kinda cheap and dated... and the mixing is also off?
    I dont really like how the instrumental and her vocals are clashing
  10. Her album and EP have been taken off Spotify...?
  11. Oh, this wasn't a joke.
  12. I hate that I love that single cover.

    Has she finally gotten out from under Titanic's...influence yet?
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  13. Oh Poppy. I had such high hopes for you.
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  14. Yeah, weird. Only I'm Poppy and a remix of Lowlife are still there. So random.
  15. Strange- I searched for Poppy (on US Spotify) and found Poppy.Computer just fine. But to find the Bubblebath EP, I had to search "That Poppy", then click on a track in some random person's playlist.
    Found Bubblebath here, and Poppy.Computer here.
  16. Did she drop accused stalker and harasser Titanic yet.
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  17. I can't at this actually sampling Gary Numan. I kinda hate it. It's so unearned.
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  18. I lowkey can't wait Mars Argo to resurface and "cancel" her.
  19. This is unlistenable.
  20. No, but her cover of it is.
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