Popstar photoshops and memes

Yes it is.

Then please, show me which parts have been airbrushed, using this similar, higher quality picture as your guide. I look forward to your amazing finds.

The only photoshop on this picture is the resizing, but if we were allowed to post resized pictures and call them photoshops, then this thread would be pointless.
There's a version floating around that isn't photoshopped:

Mhmm, just as I thought. You are just an immature man with disgusting body image problems that you seem to have taken out on Xtina, you weren't brave enough to say that in her thread, so you had to bring it here. Carry on.
The best bit from The Borbz was clearly medoner's "You get high. Buy MDNE. And then cry and snap the CD. I hope you find the receipt in the bag. I hope they let you take it back." Amazing.

I was eating when I first listened to this. Nearly choked.

He / Him / His
Nadine gif. Kyle's shade. Mvnl's shade. BEST FICTION's anger. That Lana gif.

It's been a good couple of pages guys!