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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deucy1980, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. It’s hard to respect them in that situation.
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  2. Although I've grown more fond of it over time, I really disliked the Everybody single when it was released. It seemed like a weird step down from their previous singles, more kiddie pop like allSTARS Best Friends than the pop/RnB lite of The Way To Your Love.

    I don't think it hung around the top 40 for long. I much preferred Lovin' Is Easy, which of course, done even worse in the charts.
  3. The image and musical direction change between the last two singles was so drastic. From this

    To this

    In only six months or so.

    You cant picture Kym in the Lovin' is Easy era or at least I cant.

  4. Here is the performance
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  5. I feel sorry for them. What else could they do?
  6. Sing live?
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  7. Yes!
  8. I finished watching "Hear'say: the next chapter" episodes. Some remarks:

    - Johnny appeared to have a really average (bordering bad) voice in the audition. Very breathy and in natural. I'm sure they went for the his dancing capabilities more so.
    - The argument over the chicken was unintentionally hilarious. Danny seemed to take it so seriously.
    - That being said, it was genuinely nice to see them all getting on and welcoming Johnny so openly.
    - The recorded songs for the shelved 3rd album seemed promising but very early 00s. It also seemed a deliberate attempt to seem cool and trendy, and a reaction to Liberty X.
    - The manager, Chris, seemed a bit of an idiot. I got the sense that he was very business focused and didn't necessarily care the people in the band. He seemed annoyed with 5ive splitting at their peak, and put down all*stars.

    Shame they imploded and the public turned on them after Pure and Simple.
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  9. I didn’t like the pure and simple version with Johnny on vocals
  10. No one was ever going to accept Hear'Say as a 'cool' band though. They hadn't earned the credentials, as it were.

    If you take S Club, they started off somewhat less credible because of the kids TV show and some of their more lighter/basic bops but then by album 3 and 4 were able to refocus a bit and aim for a more mature sound.

    Hear'Say's entire career, short-lived as it was, seemed to revolve around racing ahead and running before they had even learnt to walk. It was always going to end in disaster.
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  11. I agree. I get the impresson that 5ive split because the workload was driving them mad. He must have been largely responsible for that.
    I also got the impression that, as a manager, he didn't really have the band's backs. The band seemed really deflated in the final episodes - the guys in particular. I guess we'll never know whether the manager tried to stop (or even encouraged?) those stories appearing in the newspapers.
    I thought the worst part was when Noel talked about how lucky he was to be in the band but looked down when he said it. He looked defeated.
  12. Chris and Bob Herbert were the guys who had originally formed the Spice Girls and they left them in the middle of the night. I have a feeling Chris and Bob weren't great at dealing with the humans behind their acts.
  13. I watched the rest of the episodes of their show on YouTube this morning because this thread popped up and I was just on the tube and only Myleene bloody Klass stepped on!

    What are the odds.
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  14. Did you reenact the supposed Argos saga of "You're Mylene Klass; you're a bitch!" and then slapping her (in front of her mother)?

    Or whisper "Wherever you go, I'm gonna be there..." in a sinister fashion into her ear?
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  15. I would’ve loved to be brave enough to do the latter hahahaha
  16. I had no idea ‘The Next Chapter’ was online, there’s the rest of my weekend sorted.
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  17. Is the rest of The Next Chapter region blocked? I can only see part one in the US.
  18. I’m up to the episode where Suzanne is discussing how boyfriends have sold stories etc.

    All I can remember is that track of her’s that leaked where she screamed at Darren Day saying YOU DONT DO FAMILY.
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  19. Does anyone know where I can listen that Suzanne diss track? I remember hearing it at the time and it was hilarious.

    @robots need oil Funnily enough I spotted Noel on the tube just before Christmas. He looks so different now and Hear'Say was such a long time, I don't think anyone except me clocked him. He definitely noticed I recognised him and seemed a bit uncomfortable with it. I didn't bother him though.

    I actually quite like 'Everybody' but I agree that it was a bit regressive for their sound. I've also recently realised that it's basically a second rate version of 5ive's 'Keep On Movin'.
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  20. The kids in the auditorium sound like they're screaming in terror rather than excitement.
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