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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deucy1980, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Kym was the only one who could actually sing.
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  2. I'm fucking howling at this performance. The way she keeps looking at the camera. The over the top hand movements. The fact her album was called Music for Mothers.

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  3. Ddd all of Myleene's classical performances had those over the top hand movements. I stanned.

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  4. As a fellow pianist, I don't think it's specific to Mylenne. I'm sure part of it is technique (helps keep the arms light in touch), but also showmanship. I've heard a joke that the over the top hand movements are what distinguishes the amateur to professional concert pianist.

    Playing in a wind machine and looking seductively into the camera though is another matter...

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  5. In hindsight it truly is shocking that Suzanne and Myleene were deemed better fits for a group than Kelli and Jessica. Like you couldn't have rejected a better group of guys and gals, Liberty X just looked so right as a group.
  6. That time The Apprentice task winners were "gifted" a private piano recital by Myleene...
  7. I remember the newspapers comparing Danny to Shrek. They were treated quite cruelly.
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  8. I thought he was kinda hot lol.
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  9. He was! What's he look like these days?
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  10. He looks way better now than he does back then even though he's hardly aged. He performs as "Danny Foster and the Soul Corporation" now ddd as a "soul singer". I guess it works for his showman vocals.

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  11. Reunion cancelled.
  12. I always thought both the Hear’Say gents were good looking.

    I would legit lick Noel all over though.
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  13. The face Danny and Noel were deemed to be popstars was...a decision!
  14. My boyfriend is currently texting me about Kym. She's dining where he works and she's apparently really rude. He's served her before and wasn't impressed with her behaviour last time either... I don't know why I'm posting this, just thought it was funny he texted me randomly about Kym Marsh.
    He wants to go and sing pure and simple at her table because she's getting on his nerves ha
  15. Kevin wins tho.
  16. I was so disappointed with the lineup when Hear'Say were formed. The only two out of the five I'd liked during the Popstars TV show were Suzanne and Kym. I remember excitedly collecting tokens from the tabloids for a CD-Rom though.

    It was all about Darius and the girl in the pink cowboy hat for me back then.
  17. My boyfriend has served her too before but didn't have an issue.
  18. I always liked Kym, I hope she isn't usually a rude person.

    Overall, I did get sucked into the Hear'Say/Popstars thing at the time (who didn't?) and did buy their first single, album and follow-up album.

    I remember being very perplexed as to why they released just 2 singles before rushing out a second album (and it sounded rushed too). It was very odd. I actually enjoyed a lot of their first album and although it was patchy as hell they could easily have rinsed 2 more singles from it.

    Pure & Simple
    Show Me the Way to Your Love
    Make It Happen
    One Step Closer

    Looking back, they certainly didn't look like popstars (yes, I agree that Liberty X most certainly did, which is why they ended up more successful, in part, I suppose) but perhaps the producers were going by personalities more than looks and perhaps those individuals just got on better together/had chemistry?

    I think they all sang well, except Mylene, who seemed to have a weak voice.

    I don't know why their 2nd album isn't on Spotify.
  19. Well Noel and Kim hate(d?) each other, which led to Kim leaving. Hear'say looked awkward as a band, I don't think they would have had much longevity anyway.
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  20. I meant at the time of them being put together as a band... who knows... The whole thing was done for TV anyway and great TV it made.
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