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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. The new FX show about the ballroom scene in 1987 arrives Sunday, June 3rd on FX. The first trailer was released today, and the show was inspired by the award-winning documentary "Paris is Burning".

    I have a lot of feelings about this, that I will share in a follow-up post.
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  2. So, a bit of context as to why I have kept my eye on this project for over a year now. I am a Producer with the dream of working in Development and writing my own shows. "Paris is Burning" is my favorite documentary, and I am so fascinated and in awe of that whole movement, that I pitched a show about a fictional version of that world, shortly before Pose was announced and went into development.

    I had a very clear idea of what my series would have looked like, had a whole mood board, a presentation, it wasn't just something in my head.

    It's Ryan Murphy, so... I always expected to be disappointed with this, but I was a bit hopeful.

    This trailer looks beautiful and engaging, but it's also a bit problematic. I'm surprised they decided to go down the mockumentary route, but then glammed the whole thing up. The ball scene was dirty, people were poor, and did big of the little they had.

    This is just a taste, but I am also worried about the acting here.
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  3. pdf


    Agreed. Put Paris Is Burning on repeat. There's no acting involved. Every moment is utterly truthful.
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  4. Ryan Murphy will fuck this up horribly.
  5. There's SO much potential here, but the faux-documentary style of the trailer really annoys me. Just makes it feel like a bad dramatization of Paris Is Burning instead of its own 'homage' story.
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  6. Did anyone see this?

    I didn't mind it as much as I thought I would. The first 30 minutes were ridiculous, but then the show kind found it's heart and was endearing and really well shot.

    Still think "My House" is better haha
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  7. I watched the pilot last night, and it's hands down one of the best things I've seen on TV this year.

    It's BRILLIANT - and I love how surprisingly Kate Bush is a major part of the soundtrack too.

    The cold open is one of the best I've seen in a very long time. WHAT - A - SHOW. I made me emotional seeing all this proper queer representation on TV. Without whitewashing, straightwashing or ciswashing.

    I really hope Murphy doesn't screw this up and is able to keep up the brilliance of the pilot.
  8. The pilot was SO good.

    As said already, SO amazing and refreshing to see a cast of LGBT people of color on TV without trying to pander to the white, straight masses. Well....except for the white straight people in the show that are definitely the least interesting. But whatever, they were only 5% of the episode.

    Really excited for the whole season. The joy I felt during the first episode was transcending.
  9. The pilot totally blew past my expectations. I'm the first to criticize Ryan Murphy's frequent missteps, but when he gets it right... he really fucking gets it right. His direction here was superb, as was the script, cast, and soundtrack (the only thing that I didn't think was spot-on was the original score which was a bit too sentimental in two spots but if that ain't a minor nitpick, I don't know what is). Everything here was so fully realized that with an extra 30 minutes or so this could have honestly been a standalone feature film.

    I so instantly fell in love with the 3 true leads. Angel (how fucking stunning is Indya Moore?!), Damon, and Blanca all had such fantastic character moments throughout and opened up stories that are so rarely seen on television or in movies (or when they are, they're b-stories and/or done haphazardly). I thought Evan Peters was great as well, but I'm glad that he wasn't given the main story. It's a bit annoying to see him, Kate Mara and James Van Der Beek billed first, but I get it. If that's what it takes to get these stories told then I'm fine with it.

    Speaking of fine; OH HAI RYAN JAMAAL SWAIN. His dance sequence at the end was incredible.

    I can't wait to see how the season unfolds and I hope it doesn't fall into any of the typical Murphy pitfalls. If the next few episodes are half as joyful, insightful, unique, and impressively-crafted, then this will easily be the most exciting series of the summer.
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  10. I LOVED the pilot. Incredible performances, fascinating characters, and stunning aesthetics. It set up this world beautifully. That said, I could do without the Evan Peters/Kate Mara/James Van Der Beek plot; his scenes with Angel are essential, but I don't need a peek into his life outside of her.
  11. I too hate that I liked the pilot. Only because Ryan Murphy makes me very nervous.
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  12. Okay so I already cried and it's barely the first episode. I'm really nervous to see how this plays out, both story-wise and for the show in general.
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  13. When Janet Mock was on Wendy Williams, she said that Ryan Murphy promoted her from writer to producer almost immediately, and she’ll even be directing an episode this season. Awesome!

    Count me in for this series. I wish I had something meaningful to add to the discussion. I am so happy that this show exists and is getting a great response. I’m glad that a newer audience is maybe hearing these stories for the first time.

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  14. I wish they hadn't wasted a spot on the cover on Evan Peters, although I'm happy the show is even getting this much coverage.
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  15. Loved the pilot, 10’s across the board.
  16. The ball scene is such a rich and colourful part of LGBT history, so I'm dying to see this.
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  17. Do any UK hunties know when we’ll be getting this?
  18. Really enjoyed the pilot. I mean, a dance-off to Diana Ross' "Swept Away" and THEN a Flashdance-style dance to Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" must be a Pop Justice dream.
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  19. Well Episode 2 was just as good! Again, I could do without the Evan Peters storyline (Angel is essential, but it all feels irrelevant when it's not being told from her perspective), but everything else is impeccable.
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  20. Episode 2 was good. They played Bananrama!

    Also, the Dynasty bit was hilarious.
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