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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Lil Papis ass shot though.

    Bless you Ryan Murphy you thirsty bitch.
  2. This episode felt like it was getting back on track. Keep Janet Mock in charge of the writing please.
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  3. Lil Papi got it goin' on. Why do I feel that things aren't going to end well for him and Angel?

    Such a charming on-screen couple but watching them feels so... ominous.
  4. I was a bit disappointed in Lil Papi. He loves Angel so much but like Damon said, of all people, he should know better about using coke. And letting her go to that modeling gig in that state... mess. I know Angel is a grown woman and she makes her own decisions but still...
  5. Coke is coke. You think it's an upper, 'just like a few drinks', 'it's from a plant, natural!' and then you... end up in rock bottom.
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  6. The wisdom jumped out.
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  7. You're not doing what you think you are with this!
  8. Huh? If it doesn't apply to you, just let it fly?
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  9. I feel attacked
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  10. Digging the soundtrack more than the storylines this season, which is a bummer.

    I don't mind Sandra's hammy acting, but Patti leaves me cold.
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  11. What in THE hell...
  12. Helena and Blanca's moment. Too sweet.
  13. That fight scene? Whew, I'm sweating. The most tense scene of the series so far
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  14. Tonight is really good. I think this may be the best episode of the season.

    Everybody is on their A-game, including Damon - and I never say that.

    I'm finding these
    Ricky and Pray Tell scenes
    unexpectedly touching.
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  15. Pray Tell needs to work on himself. I love how they're developing how, besides how the overall gay~ community treats trans women, that Black gay men and their treatment of Black trans women isn't so different. That line has to be drawn and recognized.
  16. OMG

    Mariah Carey's Love Takes Time

    I can't breathe.
  17. I was worried the episode would go off the rails after the first 15 mins, but I would agree it's the best episode of the season. Where it goes from here will be interesting
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  18. I was so uncomfortable. I just wanted them to stop.
  19. Poor Damon thinking the Malcolm McLaren era would last a year or more.

    What a great episode. I actually love Pray and Ricky together, they make sense.
    I loved the last scene of them in bed, so sweet.

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  20. Some fucker spoiled it for me :(
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