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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Wow that was a phenomenal episode. I love Blanca so much and that final shot fucking ripped my heart in two.
  2. That's terrible. Why would someone do that? For me, the music in the show is akin to another character. It really strengthens a scene.
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  3. What I loved most about the episode was that we (finally?) got to see some imperfections in Blanca's character, from her playing favorites (albeit unconsciously), playing Oppression Olympics with Pray Tell, and how her fierce optimism can sometimes come across as denial or even delusion.
  4. Damon's reaction to Ricky's diagnosis is just so...selfish. From first laughing it off, to then making it about himself. His character usually just does not... make sense.
  5. I... imagine that’s a pretty accurate portrayal to a real life reaction to receiving that news tho? If you have slept with someone repeatedly before the diagnosis and immediately worry if you too are affected? I’m not saying it’s right but I imagine its very real.
  6. No...? In the 80's/early 90's HIV was a death sentence. No one was laughing at anyone talking about their diagnosis. There weren't strong regimens until 1996. They were both single and doing their thing and not concretely rebuilding their relationship. So his nonchalance about Ricky's disclosure was very...unsettling.
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  7. Oh sorry no!! I was talking about his freak out afterwards. I agree the laugh was inappropriate.
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  8. That last episode was the best one in a while.
    Personally I think the concerns about the show losing its way are a bit overdone because Ryan Murphy is attached - I haven't felt a serious lull in quality beyond the show losing a bit of its season 1 spark which is natural. There was a bit of a struggle with balancing character arcs but I think it's coming together now what with the new Damon & Ricky + Lil Papi & Angel storylines.

    I was living for Elektra in the last episode, from her reaction to
    Pray Tell & Ricky being exposed, to her admonishing Pray Tell, to her speech to Blanca at the end. It was a great episode for her.

    I saw this post before finishing the episode and I thought
    Frederica was going to come through on her threat and have her hurt.
  9. I’m a wee bit worried now Blanca is living alone. Especially since Frederica has pretty much put a hit out on her.
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  10. Are there any good books on the ballroom scene?

    Michelle’s Diva Rules gives some cool insider knowledge and anecdotes but I’d like to delve a bit deeper.

  11. Mostly pictures but amazing.
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  12. I can't see this link myself, but the book is Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York, 1989-92
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  13. I have the accompanying CD compilation - essential!!!
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  14. I'm glad at least they have a vision for the end of this instead of just continuing until they get cancelled.
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  15. While looking at this I found a book on Paris Is Burning, which went straight in my basket.
  16. The caption...
  17. Giving me hitman teas.
  18. This week was a cute bridge episode before the finale. I don't think we've seen the last of Patti Lupone
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  19. It was a cute episode.

    The music - Jody Watley! Paula Abdul! En Vogue!

    MJ once again is luminescent. Give her all the awards.
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