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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. I'm fine with the show wrapping after three seasons, but seven episodes stings. I'm hoping the girls move on to great things.
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  2. I hope the cast goes from strength to strength in the future. They are all amazing.
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  3. I think Angelica and MJ are the best actresses of the cast so I hope we see much more from them.

    EDIT: I also like Hailie Sahar a lot.
  4. Me too. I think her part at the beginning was sort of, not significant maybe, but she was clearly so talented and worked so well on screen that they gave her a lot more to do and now she's integral to the cast. I love it when you see that on TV.
  5. Each of them are so perfect on their roles.
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  6. I still get shivers thinking about that scene in the first episode where Blanca goes to talk to the dance teacher to convince her that Damon is worth taking a shot on. Oof. This show has made me cry so many times. I'm so glad it got to exist.
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  7. Can I say that...I never really warmed up to Damon. They pushed his "goody goody" persona so much that just made me feel rejection towards him.
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  8. I never did as well. There was so much potential with the character but I feel they never knew what to do with him and even by the second season, he had less screen time than most of the other characters.
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  9. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think he functions well as a "traditional" queer cis male role/entry point for an audience that can in many ways relate to his story of being abandoned by family at a young age due to something that goes against his family's beliefs and structure. But aside from that, they kinda let his character dwindle shine-wise by season two, but I'm not necessarily mad. The show's mission of centering trans women of color, especially those living with HIV who were all but erased during one of the most critical eras in queer history, has been done well and with respect. That alone means it'll live on with such a strong legacy alone, never mind every other thing about it that's going to be such a watershed moment for the industry as well as the visibility of trans actors of color too.
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  10. Damon plays the conservative gay. Conservative gays are a no no. Though his background (his mum a proper church lady, his strict dad kicking him out for being gay) kinda explains this.
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  11. I don't mind Damon. I don't dislike his character, but I do like everyone else more.
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    My heart, yo.
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  13. It's weird to think that filming is completed permanently.

    But I think this season will be great. There have been so many great episodes, even in season 2 which in my opinion wasn't as good as season 1 (but still good). Many episodes have been like mini-films so maybe it didn't have many seasons but some of the best shows didn't have long runs (My So-Called Life, Once and Again, Twin Peaks, etc) and still made a huge impact.
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  14. All the photos of the cast hugging hit me. I cannot believe this extraordinary show is ending so fast.
  15. Dominique posted a little tiktok of her wrap, taking off the Electra lashes and saying Goodbye. It was short and simple and made me emotional.
    These women all deserve awards and high fucking praise. And now that the show is ending i'm a little more pissed about Billy Porters "They'll have their turn" dismissive shit.
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  16. I'm kinda glad it's being concluded purposefully rather than dwindling over time, with the level of time lapsing there's only so much these stories can be articulated in a way that makes sense. Also considering how much of season 2 jumped the shark at times (*cough* the fucking hospital concerts), I think it's for the best.

    That said, I need two things: 1) Literally any other cast member that is not Billy Porter to be recognised by an award body for their incredible work. 2) Candy to stop popping up as a fucking ghost and diminishing the impact of one of the most important episodes of the entire series.
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  17. With Kandy it feels like they almost want to keep on the show with the whole ghost thing...but then why kill her off in the first place. I get it's for the brutal emotional impact and it shows the reality for many trans women but in terms of storytelling on the show specifically, I wonder if it could have been done differently to keep Angelica Ross on the show.
  18. I think it'll be a series that young queer people in particular will be digging into and discovering for years to come and I'm glad an important part of history has been documented like this.

    I think there's real potential to reboot it in future, maybe set a decade after this. It'd be incredible to have a significant time jump and see how the characters are doing/surviving/thriving in a shifting world.
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