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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    this being in a season two episode seven. iconic!
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  2. Cathy did bring Vogueing to America from Britain and she even went to Oprah to state this so of course she needed to be featured on Pose!

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  3. Im not Trump supporter but im deffo a conversative gay. I’m hate the gay scene, like monogamous relationships
  4. Sounds like some internalized homophobia.
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  5. Edu


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  6. Narrr it’s just I’m not keen on clubbing etc. Dunno why the gay scene has to be the centre of the gay universe we don’t all like clubbing and drinking.
  7. What is going on.
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  8. Let us reset the thread.

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  9. “Woooo, that is some new information”


    Electra doing that dinner table argument was a fucking mood.
  10. Blanca eating dinner alone motherless whilst Mimi’s Love Takes Time plays...

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  11. Clear your throat.


    Read that bitch.

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  12. This show really deserves more seasons, fuck.
    I have been getting repeatedly emotional that it is ending so soon. It's really meant something to me as a queer HIV+ person, and we just don't get a celebration of our lives and a history lesson of our perseverance quite like this too often.

    I want to see Dominique come in as a permanent Legendary judge for season 3 beyond and I want more Indya and MJ in my life as well. All of them. And not just relegate them off to an American Horror Story or other Ryan Murphy production.
  13. The show creators have said this season will explore Elektra's story and introduction into ballroom. I'm glad they seem to be tying up all the loose ends and doing fan service.
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    They deserve, omg. MJ looks so relaxed and at ease. I adore it!
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  15. Whyyyyuhuhhu couldn't it have gone on for more seasons? In a perfect world, HBO would've picked it up to keep it going.
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  16. Uno


    If you hate clubbing, then don't go clubbing? Don't hate an entire community for it.
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  17. "Life's a Beach" was an Emmy® winning episode if ever I watched one.

    "I thought you were going to pull your signature move and flip the table."

    "Damn, I forgot about that. I should invite that bitch over for an encore performance!"


    Hearing Miss Blanca feel her OATZ caught me off guard, not gonna lie


    "Oh, I Love this one!"


    Elektra boping to the radio on-route and back made my night.

    Blanca's walk of shame pride was such a subtle yet impactful moment--so precious watching a transexual women experience those little human moments, i WEPT of course.

    Billy Porter's absence was not felt.

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  18. It really bothers me that season 3 is the end especially when you see the amount of shit that gets 10+ seasons.
  19. The beach episode is honestly legendary.
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