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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Yeah, it definitely feels like it's heading towards Pray dying but maybe there'll be a twist.
  2. Well, it got me ugly crying...
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  3. ADM


    That scene was great, how he was protective over his child but ultimately too ignorant/uneducated/stuck in his ways to truly accept her for who she is.

    The rest, I just don't know. I actually love Lulu, and the way Blanca preaches every time she speaks really grates on me..
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  4. I love Lulu but her scene felt like much of this season - rushed. Hailie did great with what she was given - I mean, she had to introduce and dump a boyfriend, say no to drugs and stand up for herself all in less than five minutes.

    I agree about Blanca. I love MJ but I feel this season, she's been there pretty much to recite expository dialogue.

    I really hope they give MJ some meaty material in the final episode.

    And, although Damon wasn't my favourite character, it still feels weird without him. The scene between Papi, Ricky, Lemar and Pray Tell, you just know that he was originally in that scene. It seems odd though that they never mention him. Just my opinion.
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  6. All of this. Hallie has been underused in general. She's a delight.
  7. ADM


    I hadn't noticed him missing AT ALL until that pre-wedding scene with the men. I was even like 'who is this' when the guy appeared behind them. I'm pretty sure he was at the premier?

    Why this isn't 10 episodes is beyond me, the fact that we're probably going to have Pray Tell die, them mourn and try and continue their lives in one episode, and it be the final episode..

  8. This could be cute
  9. She's one of my favorites too.
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  10. There's way too much focus on Pray Tell this season.
  11. I thought they should have brought Stan back in a darker guise at some point.

    He was obsessed with Angel in S1, yet now we don’t see or hear about what became of him.

    S1 > S3 > S2 is how they rank for me.
  12. He existed merely to draw people in being one of the more well known names on Season 1.
    I think the story with him wrapped up fine and I really didn't any more of that toxicity for Angel.
  13. What kinda jumping-the-shark mess was the wedding episode?

    There’s a distinct lack of ballroom action this season. I guess they just switched to the drama to get the season finished as quickly as possible. I’ll miss the other characters but Pray Tell has become irritating to watch.

    Seal and Gabrielle were showing out in the soundtrack. Even British R&B was epic in the 90s.
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  14. Girl, lemme tell you...
  15. Uno


    They have said it was almost impossible to do ballroom scenes because of COVID restrictions, so that's why we got so little. They probably did all of the ballroom scenes for the season in one day and left it at that.

    I'll be surprised if there wasn't one more ballroom scene for the series finale this week.
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  16. Caught up on the last three episodes and Angel & Indya have played Angel & Papi so beautifully, I just smile whenever they are on screen together!

    The Prey centric episode was one I think could have been skipped or made as part of an episode especially with only 7 this season.
  17. MJR's single is like finding a french fry in your onion rings. Not what I was expecting but I like these, too.

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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    There was also the summer solstice ball or whatever which I'm pretty sure was an open-air ball (conveniently) but was able to get everyone filmed outdoors-ish. It was still sparsely populated though as well.
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  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member


    New interview!

    This is reminding me of the music at a church BBQ growing up. Bop!
  20. I ugly-cried through the entire episode. Watching all the ladies of ballroom walk down the aisle was such a touching moment. In any other show, I would've rolled my eyes when Papi started singing, however I couldn't help but get swept away in the saccharineness of it all--you could tell Indya was going through the emotions during filming.

    Billie reading the script and discovering there was a musical number not assigned to him:


    Yes bringing back Candy and Cubby for another Touched by an Angel cameo felt a little tired, but I screamed when these words left Candy's mouth:


    That remx of Wedding March—let me get married real quick.


    Also, this way beyond cute:

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