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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

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    It's always the last minute of these finales that get me - such a perfect ending. Like you lot have said, this series shined when it wasn't centred around Pray's slightly obvious storyline; but it's still been a great series. Just finished so it hasn't sunk in yet, but i'm gutted we won't see them all on the same show again.
  2. I mean, if Candy doesn't show up as a ghost in every single episode post-death, it'll be a better season than 2.
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  4. Why must they make this show so buried in the reality and history of our community also include OooOoOo spooky GHOSTS?
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  5. I'm watching Part 1 of the finale and...while I appreciate the commentary on the medical system, you can't convince the hospital to recruit more Black folks into a clinical trial in one breath and then deride medical research writ large in the next. Like, why would Blanca try to get Pray in the trial if she was convinced it would harm him?

    Also there's something off about them scamming their way into the trial when it shoulda been about parity more generally.
  6. Thankfully the second part was a lot better. Just imagine if we had a whole season without Pray.

    I'll genuinely miss the girls.
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  7. The FX app only has part 1 of the finale... are they planning on releasing part 2 or?
  8. I spent all of yesterday trying so hard to spread out both parts, because I knew I didn't want to finish the show. I'm happy with the ending it got but my god... I'm sad to know that it's over.
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  9. I had the same thing, I thought something was up!
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  10. The ACT UP scenes were a powerful and satisfying way to bring it to a close, but I still found the whole thing a bit light-on? Mother Elektra deserved way more air time.
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  12. The finale was an enjoyable watch . In particular the 2nd half . I didn’t realise there was a 2nd part finale at first and I thought it ended on Ricky realising what Pray had done and I got mad haha !
  13. The final episode was nice enough but missing some of The Fineries™.

    Would not surprise me at all of there was a This Life (the reunion) or Laverne & Shirley ‘20 years on’ special in 2030.
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  14. Finally found the second part after days of waiting and if I’m honest I was a little let down by the finale. It all felt so rushed which is a shame.
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  15. Such a freaking starrrr.
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  16. I just finished this on a binge. Just take the Elektra origin episode and run.

    I guess we'll always have Season 1. There were just so many off moments in 2 and 3 that I just can't.
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  17. I think part of why episodes in S2 and 3 felt so lackluster is because S1 was crystal clear in what it set out to achieve and had been planned for so long that it was pretty airtight.

    I think the show in 2 and 3 took on trying to include so many ideas and personal experiences from the writers, their friends, and historical/pop cultural events that they may have lost sight of the characterizations they'd built in an effort to include those ideas.

    The tone was a little off in some episodes and choices, but overall it's still a solid series and one that's so so so important. I'll never stop telling people to watch it.
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  18. Didn’t care for the sex and the city vibe at the end but a shame this series has ended.
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  19. I forgot to mention, the way I HATE HATE HAAAATED the wedding episode. What kinda atrocious-ness.

    And I'm not sure this is Janet's fault? I kinda think it is since she did the entire wedding episode, wrote and directed but every single chance a character comes on screen, it's a moment to EDUCATE. Like girl, balance it out that's how those 'teachable' moments stand out. NOT AT EVERY SINGLE SCENE!

    I'll miss the characters but I kinda don't as well, since the writers ruined the show and took it into an unrealistic direction.
  20. Season 1 was everything I wanted from this, and so I'mma take that and run. We always knew it was going to descend into mess because when has a Ryan Murphy project never not? But I'm glad these voices got heard, these stories got told, and these amazing new actors got a platform.
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