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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. I'm currently watching episodes 4. I don't know if it's the actor or if it's just horrible dialog but some of Prays lines make me kringe so hard. Does Janet Mock seriously think this is better than the pilot?

    EDIT: How did you all made it through this episode? What a train wreck...
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  2. Yup the acting on the last season was very suspicious. Especially the first two episodes. It seemed like some of them needed to ease back into their roles. It’s really strange.

    There’s definitely MORE going on BTS other than the Janet and Papi thing. Or maybe none of them got along with each other. Ddd
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  3. The episodes Janet directed are some of my least favorite. They're all very choppy and feel chaotic like they're pulling you out of the scene just as it should be settling in, it was really bad in the S3 premiere. I think the best written episodes were the ones that Steven was involved in because it was his creation, so he knew where he wanted to lead the characters.
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  4. I feel like with season 1, the writers wanted to tell a very specific story, but didn't expect the show to be the hit that it was, and kind of scrambled after.

    I still enjoyed all of the show, though. S2 & S3 had off moments, but they weren't, like, unwatchable by any means.
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  5. I just hope that Pose shows there is room for more of these stories to be told. And for someone better than Ryan Murphy to do them.
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  7. Prey Tell dominating the finale whilst the ladies' storylines get hastily wrapped-up left me a little sour. Elektra, Angel and Lulu (what's new) acting as a background characters was not the tea. Also did anyone else feel the pacing was off; hardly anything was allowed a moment to breathe for some impact.

    The things that worked for me:
    • Ricky finding Prey in bed (Dyllón sold the shit of it)
    • Blanca's scream upon discovering Prey had passed sent shivers down my spine--sis earned that Emmy nom with just one scene.
    • Using Love Like This for a Sex and the City throwback moment did make me gleam.
    • Blanca returning to ballroom part-time to help continue the House of
      Evangelista's legacy.
    • The final scene flashing back to Blanca, Damon and co outside the ballroom got me all choked up ngl.


    I'll never forget the range of emotions I felt watching the pilot in the summer of 2018. The opening scene with Mary Jane Dolls' My House was the quickest I've ever fallen for a show.

    MJ or Angelica not getting any recognition for their work will forever sting. Nothing against Billie-he brought everything and more with Prey Tell and it's great seeing him finally getting his flowers-but Prey should’ve remained a side character instead of stealing the spotlight from the true protagonists of the show.

    Season 3 gets a lot of flack for it's escapist writing but it was so empowering watching trans women of colour getting to live out the fantasy many of their straight white cis peers have been doing for years on the small and big screen instead of being condemned to a harsh, grim end.

    I'm already finding it hard to accept that we won't get anymore: family dinners at Blanca's, Elektra's cunty wit, iconic songs on a weekly basis, or Billy's staccato emoting.

    If you told me ten years ago that we’d get an all trans cast living out their lives on television I would’ve said sure jan--getting to witness this was such an honour not only as a viewer but a member of the community.

    Pose was a landmark moment for television and trans rights, and I can’t wait to see what awaits the ladies and other projects that follow from its inception.

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    the song choice still chokes me up!!! I'll never forget Pose.
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  9. Episode 3 of this season was such a triumph and moment after hearing the mess that follows i´m tempted to keep that as my finale.
  10. I've watched Pose as it's been released, whereas my boyfriend watched it all recently. He loved season one, liked season two, but was disappointed with season three.

    No disrespect towards what Billy has gone through, but so many moments felt like an Emmy reel for him, particularly his last scene wiping off the makeup to Aretha Franklin. Very akin to what @4Roses said.

    Loved the solidarity of the four trans women at the end, but it felt somewhat cheapened by the references to Sex in the City and whatever else was relevant at the time.

    And not dispelling any hope to anyone who went through far worse than I have as a gay cis man, but given so much of this was based off of Paris Is Burning (which none of the featured received any beneficiary from), it went into full fantasist Ryan Murphy escapism. I felt it did a somewhat disservice, especially given so many of those women died due to rape/murder and/or HIV/AIDS.
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  11. It was a bit of a mess towards the end but the joy of seeing those characters getting a happy ending was bigger than questioning the authentic nature of the depiction.

    Them ending with My Love is Your Love ruined me. What an amazing show and cast.
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  12. I finally watched the last two episodes. It was a struggle to get there. The way they constantly created the most forced and unrealistic situations, so they could have characters make over the top, preachy speeches, was incredible bad storytelling. Also the way they added and quickly dealt with the Act Up storyline was super depressing. If you choose to tell this story, tell it right (everyone watch "How To Survive a Plague"). Season 1 was great and there was so much potential for more. How could this show become so bad? What I will miss from this show is mother Blanca. She's the reason I had to watch till the end.
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  13. Finally watched the whole new season and what a emotional rollercoaster. This show for me has been so educating, so inspiring and I’m so sad it’s all come to an end.
  14. pdf


    S3 was sentimental and cheesy but dammit it somehow felt real. The characters all got the stories they deserved. Special mention, I think, to Dominique Jackson who has developed proper acting chops. Her stand alone episode was a series highlight.
  15. Just binged S3 over the last two days.

    Overall I wasn't feeling it as much as 1 or 2 but my God did they get me in the gut at the end with My Love Is Your Love.
  16. MJ got a Lead Actress Emmy nomination!!!

    Pose is also up for Best Drama and Billy got nominated in the Lead Actor category.
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  17. It was her scream that did it. She more than deserves.
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  18. MJ supremacy!!!!!!!

    I would like her in a big broadway revival production of Little Shop of Horrors cause I love her as Audrey.
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