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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. I hope she wins and Billy doesn't...
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  2. This is so deserved, so long overdue and I couldn’t be happier for MJ. Bravo!
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  3. WERK!!
  4. Yaaas MJ yaaas!

    Is she nominated for her work in Season 2 or Season 3?
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  5. I'm a bit emotional thinking about her being nominated. It's so long overdue. Her performance the whole series has been so good. And I pray she wins it.
  6. Season 3. Happy for MJ, but also wish Dominique had been nominated.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. YASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELIv-AH!!! DELIVAH!!!
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  9. Mr.Arroz

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  11. I get the impression apart from us and a few fans it’s not that popular in the uk. The only adverts I’ve ever seen for pose are as part of boxsets of dramas you can watch on bbc iPlayer. Never seen it get it’s own trailer on bbc
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  12. Season 1 was heavily hyped… then it presumably bombed and they ignore it completely now…
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  13. I don’t even remember it getting much hype for season 1 must have missed that.

    shame it hasn’t been as huge here as in the USA

    At least it still gets advertised in their extended iPlayer dramas trailers at least that’s something if only brief clips
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  14. Ooh yay this is on BBC Two tonight. I had no idea!

    And the category is ... excited middle-aged English gay.
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  15. I’m guessing the whole season drops straight after Episode 1 has aired?
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  16. I believe so but not sure
  17. Just heard a long advert for Pose on Radio 1 saying can stream season 3 on iPlayer now or it all from series 1. No mention of it being on bbc2 which is expected. So at least it’s getting it’s own trailers now.
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  18. Inhaled the final season of Pose this past week via bbc IPlayer here in the UK. I loved the episodes that focused on individual back stories so much. Elektra’s origin story was SO good.
    I think because the season was two episodes shorter than previous seasons, some of the stories felt a little bit rushed or not fleshed out nearly enough.
    I managed to hold my emotions together and no cry at the finale, though the ending was sending me close the edge!
    All in all, an incredible and groundbreaking show. It never got the full love it deserved (in my opinion anyway) and I sincerely hope the excellent cast, especially the trans actors on the show, go on to having even bigger and lasting careers. Their visibility is so important and powerful for all of us.
  19. Also, I meant to ask: is there some background tea on why the actor who plays Damon was basically missing from this entire season? Their character was so integral to the first season and it just seemed a bit strange that they were no where to be seen past the first episode of the final season? I’ve been reading some of the pages of this thread back and yes, I agree Papi’s singing bit was a choice. The sentiment was understood but so unnecessary.
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  20. There was a death in his family.
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