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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Remember when they decided to make Damon an addict out of nowhere instead of just saying he was on tour dancing...

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  2. Remember Blanca was on death's door, and took in 2 homeless kids into her house we never saw or heard from again?

    Lulu and Angel being crackheads for all of 3 minutes while FUCKING Pray Tell got entire episodes devoted to him.

    They really messed up thinking people were here for Billy Porter and not the incredible trans cast they had.

    Ryan Murphy really Ryan Murphyd it.
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  3. Billy Porter is the plague.
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  4. Yeah, the show really said "Oh, Billy is getting awards? Guess that means he's our most popular character. Let's feature more about him". Like gurl... Read the room.
  5. Ryan Murphy has great ideas that should then be immediately passed onto someone else to be executed.
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  6. For once I actually don't blame him for the show's decline in quality since he was less involved as time went on. I just think too many people were in the writer's room with their own opinions on where the series should go vs. a set narrative they all agreed on working towards. That's probably why episodes began to feel disjointed.
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  7. Season 3 is an unforgivable mess. I wish they'd ended it.
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  8. I still haven't watched Season 3 thanks to the terrible reviews it got.
    I like to live in a fantasy world where the characters just live on forever after that beach club episode in season 2.
  9. As much as I'd like to blame Ryan for the decline of season 3, he really wasn't all that involved.

    Their best season was the first. What we got after was a patchy season 2 and season 3 was something that happened.

    They should've ended at one.
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  10. I mean it's pretty clear that they never planned the show to go past the first season. So when it was renewed they had no clear vision of what to do.
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  11. What’s frustrating is that you see good ideas in 2 and 3, and then they get brushed off after an episode and never mentioned again - but there are several episodes which are basically The Billy Porter Show feat. The Cast of Pose.

    Billy must really do well in the focus groups or something.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I stand by the need to see trans and queer Black people/POC have rewarding stories but the biggest cock-up was giving Billy Porter a throne. If his ego wasn't huge before... that entirely blew it up.
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  13. Our LGBTIQA+ radio station has playlisted his current single... which I neither especially care for nor dislike, but it does make me think of you all regularly and the hot takes throughout this thread and smile to myself.

    He was interviewed a couple of weeks ago and it was very.... shouty? I felt like I was the Blanca in a conversation I never willingly entered into. You've had enough coffee for one day.
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I just think it's a reductive worldview of queer people being equated to OTT, loud, embellished characters. Not to detract from him in general, but I feel that mainstream consumption of gayness~ has a chokehold influence on how people think we're seen and thus need to be appreciated. I don't want to knock Billy but there is a spectrum of queer experience and we are constantly pigeonholed in a very limited way. It's like POC being typecast as maids, "the help", "the underdogs", Latinx people being "spicy" with a thick accent, Black people being "scrappy and from the da hood", etc. Queer people are an entire experience. And Mr. Porter is just one shade of that. I think centering his expression dictates a certain expression to which queer people need to adhere, and it's all moderated and anchored by cis-heteronormativity.
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  15. I saw a recent interview with Will Smith and he was way over the top and “shorty”. But he’s not queer so I guess people wouldn’t typically use those sort of adjectives with him because he’s straight.
  16. I agree the first season is perfect. Every episode was top-notch (want to watch the Christmas episode again in light of the season).

    But season 2 was patchy and season 3 was all over the place with the only consistent thing being Porter getting all the meaty material. Aside from the Elektra-centric episode (which was terrific and the best episode of the season), it favoured Porter too much.

    It really is a shame we didn't get a Blanca-centric episode. I know she was still a main character but her not having her own episode just made the season unsatisfying for me.
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  17. Blanca was more of a main character in my eyes than Pray so to see Billy get awarded and essentially have the third season be more centered around him was really eye-rolly to me. The heart of the show was Blanca, ever since episode one when she stood up at the dance teachers office and put her heart out for Damon, to her singing to AIDS patients and seeing herself in them, to her not taking shit from Patti Lupone.

    MJ deserves more. She did a wonderful job with that character.
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  18. Apparently one of my co-workers (I'm a college librarian) ordered a copy of Billy's memoir, because it's sitting on our processing cart. Frankly I'm embarrassed.
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  19. I understand people’s negative feelings toward third season, and to be fair it was definitely all over the place, but it was such wonderful escapism while there was real pandemic fatigue. Aside from Billy hogging the spotlight I really loved getting my weekly dose of Blanca, Elektra, and Angel.

    Also, to those that said it should have ended after season 1…..NOT when it gave the best moment of the series.
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  20. Season 3 had its off moments but to act like it was complete garbage is so unfair. It wasn’t as consistent as Season 1, but still enjoyable in my opinion.

    Elektra's episode and the ending were perfect. I do wish Lulu got at least one centric episode, though.

    the kids Blanca adopted at the end of season 2 were mentioned. I think the girl moved back home and the boy joined another house? As far as Damon goes...I think there were bigger plans for that character, but real life tragedy got in the way.
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