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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. probably one of my favorite post-shows, she just releases bops

    (reserved and obligatory hate comment about Moje 3's stylist)
  2. A feminist bop.

  3. So Kristian Kostov participates (or participated?) in this Chinese singing competition/TV show (?) called Singer and I think this performance of his ESC entry is really worth sharing here, with the orchestra and that added outro.
  4. Iveta keeps letting us HAVE. IT.

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  5. Your periodic reminder that Krista Siegfrids exists:

  6. HRH


    L M A O what is this?!?? Eleni. ELENI.

  7. Was the lyric 'scream scream like Loreen....' oh.
  8. I'd be lying if I said I didn't listen to this for a solid 3 straight hours yesterday. Every contestant on Drag Race would kill to have this song.
  9. Wonderful to know that the Eleni Foureira’s Perfectil Vitabiotics & Fyffes Bananas School of Product Placement will now be named Eleni Foureira’s Perfectil Vitabiotics, Fyffes Bananas & Triumph Lingerie School of Brand Integration...
  10. But why is she suddenly releasing a single from a 2017 album?

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  11. Imri is.... straight?
  12. In the way Ricky Martin was singing to women in 1999 maybe.
  13. So am I.
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  14. The song sounds like an Alvaro Soler's b-side but he's a snack.
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  15. Talking about Iveta... She snapped on this one!

  16. I'm happy to see his face again. Very happy.
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  17. Whewwww I'm living for Conchita's new direction.
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