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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. The JESC winner is ready for world conquest.
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  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    “Album” is a strong word.

  3. The last minute of El Ritmo Psicodelico must be the music they play in heaven.
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  4. Eleni set the bar on the floor with her past few singles but El Ritmo Psicodelico could've been an ESC contender. It's up there with her best.
  5. New Conan Osiris bop!

  6. The song has been out for a while, but the music video only came out in April?
  7. K94


    Mahmood's album is so good, I'm in loveeee

    I'm so thankful the zaddies brought more than their face this year.
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  8. It's on vinyl too. Buy one, buy two, buy twenty.
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  9. Eurovision 2019 Queen of the Televote Alexandra Rotan has lent her mellifluous vocals to a track by Norwegian upstarts HOURS:
  10. And now, three months later, a music video because why not

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  11. GUYS!!!!!!!!1


  12. Perruque? Did you just say perruque?

  13. Also they've rebranded on streaming platforms as 'zalagasper'

    Muffy sis.............. the scrobbles

  14. Two and a half months after releasing it on Spotify she releases the music video.

  15. A&E


    The JESC 2018 winner / current queen of Poland's album has arrived!

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