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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

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  2. A&E


    So queen Laura dropped an album last week but it looks like it's CD only which is kinda baffling in 2019.
    @Up N Down did you manage to have a listen?

    9 elu:
    1. Keerleme
    2. Don’t Shut Me Out
    3. Break Me
    4. Koos
    5. Mr. Deep
    6. Sädemed
    7. Do It Right
    8. Kullast kallim
    9. Segamini maailm (koos Koit Toomega)
    10. On meie aeg
    11. Don't Die with Music in You

    Laura Põldvere released her ninth full-length album. The long-running "9 Lives" tells the story of Laura's life stages in pop music. Inside it is the story of self-discovery, development and pursuit of dreams.
    An example of the latter is the abandonment of the singer-songwriter's former partners and a long-standing dream of making music outside Estonia, which has now come true.

    Laura's music is now published by Sugarhouse Publishing, a publisher managed by Finnish-Swedish producers, whose main sales target is not only Scandinavia, but also Asian markets. The new album finds the duet "The world of confusion" in a moment
    as well as the song "Break Me" that reached the semi-finals of the Estonian Song.

    This time around, Laura's album design has taken on a very unique shape - each album is handcrafted and features a changing cover in different angles and light. This way, each album acquirer will get something extraordinary.

    Laura has appeared in the music world as a jazz, experimental and pop artist. Last but not least, he has become the most popular artist of the past decade on Estonian radio stations. He has improved his musical knowledge at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, the Jazz & Rock Schule in Freiburg and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. Laura has released 8 albums, won the title of Female Artist of the Estonian Music Awards and has represented Estonia twice in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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  3. I haven't listened to the album yet but I was at the launch party. Maybe this is the time to share a special moment I had the opportunity to be a part of dd.

    She said the album will be available on Spotify "very soon". The CD looks quite cool though. Only 300 handmade copies were made.
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  4. @A&E the album is available now.
  5. We stan an avant-garde urban/fado collab smash

    Ana Moura was one the fado singers in the ESC 2018 opening.
    Branko was the guy banging that xylo-thingy in the ESC 2018 interval act.
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  6. Yeah but where is the Keiino album?
    @Norwegian Record Label Who's Name I Cannot Remember
  7. Super excited to give the Hatari album a listen tonight!

    Anyone know if Luca Hanni has an album due out this year? He always brings the bops.
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  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    He's just being vague at the moment, so I assume there's nothing he can announce yet.

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  9. I appreciate the visual!
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  10. New release from Keiino!
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  11. Francesca's new album, FEAT, will be out March 13th.
    The lead single was kind of a flop, but I'm hyped.
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  12. In case y'all don't check her thread, Blanche released a new single and confirmed her debut album of the same name will be out on April 24th.

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  13. Michielin didn't have to snap this hard.
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  14. This one is actually potentially representing Poland nn.
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  15. It is what it is.
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