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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Not a post-Eurovision release, more like a during-Eurovision release. Video shot in their Rotterdam hotel room.

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  2. Fuck this is brilliant.
  3. Queens delivered!

    except for one slightly dodgy rawk number
  4. More of a pre-Eurovision set of releases, but if someone's going for a Go_A deep dive, I've found their obscure bandcamp with some vintage tracks, including a demo of "Sontse". Oh, and their album has at least six bangers on it, so stream that as well!
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  5. Queen Wiktoria from Sweden has released an album.
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  6. Do not Google her name and the album title. It gives you non music results. That are nsfw.
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  7. A minor bop
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  8. This is seriously good, even better than Monument. I hope they try again next year.
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  9. The pop melodies are KILLER
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  10. Stefania's new single, apparently turned down by Cyprus and Greece as a Eurovision entry.

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  11. I quite like the drop but they were right to reject it.
  12. Barbara Pravi new single is out!

    The album is out in September I think, and she will also tour Europe later this year.
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  13. I didn't know Francesca Michielin but I know Magnifico so I knew her voice.

    A pre-Eurovision release

    Måneskin was on French TV yesterday.

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  14. Here's a somewhat complete chronological discography of Go_A, if anyone wants to get searching...

    Ой у полі
    Коляда 2014
    Сонце [Early Version]
    Купала [Dmytro Krasiuk Remix]
    Небо в долонях (Original + Radio Version)
    Жальменiна (Original + Acoustic Version)
    #Ідиназвук (Album, 9 tracks + one acoustic version, available worldwide)
    Веснянка [Extended Edition]
    Щедрий вечір [feat. Katya Chilly] (Christmas single)
    Рано-раненько (Original + Radio Version)
    Соловей (Original Mix)
    Solovey (Eurovision Version + Karaoke)
    Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Verka Serduchka Cover)
    Добрим людям на здоров'я (Christmas single)
    Шум (Original Mix)
    SHUM (Eurovision Version + Karaoke)
    Шум [Radio Edit]
    SHUM [DJ Nana Remix]

    Also, the Måneskin guys kissed on Polish national TV. Gay rights!
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  15. I'm obsessed with them. The new song is such an earworm.

    Also, Ksenija is my straight crush.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Cackling at her having to straighten her hair and release cheap bops to get a release ddd
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  17. Well I wasn’t expecting Iggy Pop to show up on a duet with a Eurovision winner, but it is 2021 after all.
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  18. Well I dislike this version
  19. Dotter is releasing Friday!

    (I hope she's still allowed in this thread?)
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