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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Well, I stand corrected!
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  2. Not Queen Montaigne nabbing a David Byrne collab!
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  3. Ladies, it seems Anna Bergendahl will release her third album 'Intention' this year and will contain all of her 3 recent Melodientries. Colour me excited!
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  4. This is the tracklisting circulating for Intention by Doctor Anna Bergendahl:

    1. Higher Power.
    2. Kingdom Come
    3. Bottom Of This Bottle.
    4. Grain Of Trust.
    5. Thelma And Louise.
    6. Together In The Dark.
    7. Less Alone.
    8. Made Of You.
    9. Vera.
    10. Speak Love.
    11. Home.
    12. Ashes To Ashes.
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  5. Wow, I was never into Nikos back in the day, but he has become one hot dad!

  6. I had the same exact thought when it was on my Spotify release radar today!!!
  7. Hey! Get your own dad!
  8. Duncan, I love (most of) your music, but this one was not really necessary ..

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  9. I've never seen this gif of the Minogue sisters before.
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  10. New Loreen!

    Ya'll had better stream it or else

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  11. Max Martin!

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  12. Alvan just released his debut album and it's filled with bops.

  13. Also WRS released a cute EP just before Eurovision and all songs are great!
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  14. Very nice bop.
  15. Rob


    Tusse has just dropped a new EP and it's pretty solid.
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  16. I was about the lose hope, then the chorus kicked in.

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  17. Girl keeps delivering, oh my!
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