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Post-Eurovision Releases

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. OK but “Lollipop”? Wtf
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  2. Ukraine 2013.
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  3. Margaret's song is out in Sweden. Its cute
  4. HRH


    Eleni Foureira solving 100+ years of Greco-Turkish conflict. I stan a peacemaker.
  5. What's that movie? Now I wanna watch it.
  6. HRH


    It's called "Aigaio SOS" and is the 347th Greek comedy about Greek and Turkish soldiers fighting over a rock in the Aegean and then all having heterosexual sex with each other.
  7. [​IMG]

  8. Nathan Trent. Eurovision 2017 from Austria. This song is so much better than his Eurovision song "Running On Air" ....
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    Paparizou still coming through with the bops 13 years later

  10. My Queen
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  11. Following the single Get It, Kristian Kostov released a four-track EP called Shower Thoughts two days ago.

    I wasn't expecting much, but I actually really like it, especially the title track!
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  12. This is from 2014 but I only recently discovered it and I've been bopping so much.
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  13. So I listened to the Safura album at work today out of morbid curiosity and it fucking slaps.

    What kind of treasure trove of dated, Avril Lavigne-esque noughties rock pop bops??

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  14. This is brilliant.
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  15. Got yous a present:
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  16. Can I regift it?
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  17. Video not available and I feel blessed.
  18. Me thinking about how the male entity from Electro Velvet did the classic "c'mon Engerlund" fist shake at Eurovision

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