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If anything I want to be sorted into Hufflepuff to find out more of the history, it's the most undeveloped area of the books, in my opinion. Ravenclaw would have been in it's place if it weren't for the (slightly rushed but still brilliant) Diadem story.

True. The only thing I could mention off the top of my head about Hufflepuff is that professor Sprout belongs to it. And I've read most of the books like a dozen times!

And Cedric Diggory and helga hufflepuff horcrux
I am GoldIce23100 and I'll be adding anyone who posted their user names on the past few pages, if that's okay with you.
If I remember it correctly, you are supposed to pay Gringotts a visit before you can explore Diagon Alley.
Thanks, but I've done all that.


As you can see I do have my money from Gringotts, and the items are available. When I click on the 'Buy' button it greys out, I just don't get what I'm meant to do next. I've tried doing this with every item on my shopping list but nothing happens. Clicking on 'shopping list' does nothing either, so I'm having to buy everything from memory.

I also have a friend request which I am unable to accept, for some reason.
What browser are you using. When I played on IE I couldn't make potions as it didn't seem to recognise the mixing bowl thing.

I'm ThestralWolf24462 if anyone wants to add me and help with my growing addiction to Wizard Duel.
I did the whole "story" thing in about four hours which was both exciting and really disappointing. I'm in Ravenclaw, which is both exciting and really disappointing. My name is FrogEye17833 (attractive right?)
I was playing around with this last night. I finally was able to get Sorted into a house and I was sorted into Slytherin. I feel very dirty.
"We’re excited to announce that the first chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are coming very soon to Pottermore.

We will reveal more about this next week here on the Pottermore Insider, as well as the Pottermore Gateway and the new Pottermore house noticeboards. "

Well finally! But "first chapters" sounds weird. What about whole book?
Today 4 new chapters of Chambers of secrets will be open for everyone!!!! Yesterday they were open for Slytherin as they won the house cup. Cant wait and please no spoilers dear Slytherins, just yet haha
I cant get to Slytherin common room without polyjuice potion but i cant brew it! Its so annoying, everytime when i try to heat it the time goes from 20 minutes to 10 seconds and i get the message try again.... it must be some sort of bug, i tried about 10 times already. I never got problems with potions before.