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Power Rangers

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., May 7, 2014.

  1. What kind of bitchy queen?
  2. I assume the end of the film with Rita freezing going towards space would result in her finding her place on the moon if the sequel were to happen. It is going to be so frustrating if it doesn't get a sequel as the setup for it is so strong.
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    It doesn't seem like it will get a sequel, does it? I actually thought it would do at least well enough.

    I have yet to watch it. My friends do not want to go with me!
  4. The same situation here! We should go together haha.
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  5. He


    Amsterdam this weekend? Haha.
  6. If there is a sequel I don't want Rita in it, she was awful.
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  7. Just after seeing it. I quite enjoyed it. Yes, it took ages for it to get going but I like the fleshed out approach though I would have liked more action scenes. I'm just happy that a Power Rangers movie was released in 2017.
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  8. Rita was the only character who acted like she was in a Power Rangers movie.

    Apart from that scene where she pulled a tramp's teeth from his mouth. What were they thinking there...
  9. Corrected this for you.
  10. I'm glad some of you enjoyed the movie, but to me it's as a big a misfire as Jem and the Holograms or Fantastic Four 2015. It felt like they were embarrassed by the source material when they should have embraced it.

    I wasn't expecting a 2017 Power Rangers film to be just like a low-budget TV series from the early nineties, but I was expecting it to have that same spirit and sense of fun. It took way too long to get going, and it was a real exercise in navel gazing for about three quarters of the running time.

    The prologue was lifted right from the Power/Rangers fan film and hinted at a gritty but fantastical tone which the rest of the movie never really delivered, and that's a shame.

    If this does get a sequel I can see them taking a similar approach to TMNT: Out of the Shadows and incorporating a slew of characters and situations from the TV series in an attempt to win over the currently unconvinced, but as the movie universe has already established itself as one that takes itself way too seriously, this could be just as jarring as that Ninja Turtles sequel was.

    Crossing my fingers for new Zords which don't look like a Michael Bay wet dream.
  11. I had no emotional impact when they morphed. Like in the original movie I always get my 11 year old goosebumps and feel like a kid again. In this movie it was just a bit of a wet blanket.
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  12. I really enjoyed the movie but couldn't have cared less when they actually morphed as we all knew it was inevitable anyway.

    I have been geeking out on the knowledge of the series the past few days. I always remember as a child that Rita was a different actress in the movie but I didn't realise that she changed in the TV show as well. I guess when you're like 7 you just don't care and enjoy the ridiculousness.
  13. I much prefer the suits in the movie to the suits used in this one.
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  14. After 3 weeks the movie has only made 117 million worldwide. It better make 100 million in Japan in order to get a sequel.
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  15. It's a real shame but I can't see this making enough for a sequel. Unless they factor in toy sales and other merch etc.
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    I actually did not expect it to flop like this.

    What a shame.
  17. It has practically disappeared from cinemas too. Is that a normal run for this kind of film?
  18. It's normally a month or two, isn't it?
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  19. It's still in a healthy amount of theaters? As of yesterday it's in 2,978 in the US and it started with 3,693 on opening day. Tomorrow it will lose some more, though.
  20. Uno


    What a shame it flopped; I expected it to do a lot better with all of the promo I saw literally everywhere. I would've loved a sequel.
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