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Power Rangers

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., May 7, 2014.

  1. From what I've heard, a sequel is still very possible.
  2. Lionsgate seriously considered making a final Divergent movie when the last one actually lost money so I can see it happening. I really hope they pull it off (and really hope they don't have to do it with a heavily reduced budget).
  3. I've read so much saying that because of the second and third week drop off it'd be highly unlikely for their to be a sequel. I would be so disappointed if that were the case as I became so invested in the whole franchise. We can but hope that everything else is in its favour, such as the toys and the eventual DVD/Blu-Ray sales but I assume that they will make their decision sooner than then.
  4. From what I've read online, Lionsgate's risk was fairly low and the $100mil budget was comprised of overseas sales of the movie rights and I'm assuming the heavy product placement. I guess it's more about if they think they can build on what this movie's started or if it's dead in the water.

    There's still China, Japan and South Korea to go, so all is not lost! (I hope)
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  5. Same. Apparently they've sold off the international rights to the film to recoup some of the budget (75%~), and that the marketing tally was around 25/30 million, meaning they may have already done well enough.

    I'm hoping a sequel is possible as they've set up a following film to tackle action much earlier on but have many gaps in the mythology to further explore and "fix".
  6. Surely these countries can turn things around?
  7. Also, not sure how or if it affects the movie, but the merchandise has been selling very well, and....wasn't that always the point of Power Rangers?
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  8. Oh that's fantastic news. How do you know about the merch? I remember having the toys was almost as important back in the day.
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  9. I feel like Krispy Kreme probably covered at least half the budget to be honest.
  10. I read it on a fan forum, so should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  11. Is it bad I was very excited when I saw the 90s pink and green rangers do their cameo for a couple of seconds?

    I liked the film, and am surprised that Becky G (who got so much shade thrown at her in some of the comments in the Cher Lloyd topics on this forum) is actually a decent actress.
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  12. I finally got to see this on Friday and loved it! Such a camp nostalgia fest. The moment they charge into battle in their Zords whilst the 90s theme blasted was such a fucking moment and gave me goosebumps. So many moments that took me right back to being a kid again watching it in my pyjamas before school.

    I agree with the general sentiment that they took way too long to actually morph and that it's oddly paced, but that last act is such a rush of pure fun. It'll be such a shame if they don't get another movie, I'm so here for them exploring the mythology more and now that they've done all the leg work in terms of set up, the next one can jump right into the action.
  13. The action was the part I liked the least.
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  14. Me too. I mean it served an essential part of the story but the amount of movie that was taken up with it was the perfect length for me.
  15. You weren't as excited as the green ranger, who tried to record his cameo with his phone at the premiere and got KICKED OUT BY SECURITY.
  16. Oh, and I was struck by the "milking a bull" joke in the second scene...possibly a little adult for the Power Rangers I remember.
  17. He


    What? Is this real?

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  18. Yep, he was trying to record everyone's reaction, I think? Then security caught him and chucked him out.
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