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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., May 7, 2014.

  1. I really liked Banks' Rita as well, she really seemed to be having fun in the role and I liked the direction they took her in.

    I'm not a comic book reader at all, but I love everything that Boom! is currently doing. Go Go Power Rangers on paper sounded like it was going to be a total mess (read: MMPR: Pink comic series) but actually works. I'm obsessed and look forward to it every month. The main comic book series has been equally fantastic. When MMPR is rebooted again in another 10 years or so, this comic book series needs to be the basis.
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  2. After catching up on the older seasons (currently mid-way into Turbo...and not necessarily disliking it)... I just don't think any Power Rangers film can really ever work. The plot/mythology of MMPR is so paper-thin and badly conceptualized/constructed when you think how they pieced everything together from the beginning. I know this film did its best, in ways, I guess, to explain the Power Coins, the origin of the team, the Zeo Crystal, etc. - but it all feels like people scrambling to give greater meaning to something that just doesn't have it. Some shit/explanations were literally just was crafted for the purpose of having the Japanese footage be spliced in, and for random things popping up to be understood by the audience, when looking back...it's incoherent and messy. Trying to make a suitable backstory just feels...impossible. It's not like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or other franchises where the story is consistent, therefore imparting the feeling that many things make sense. Power Rangers struggles from sourcing its material from somewhere else, and rather half-assed-ly trying to make a unified story make sense after the fact.

    I just fail to see it getting a better shot than the one it got last year.
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  3. They should employ whoever worked on Gantz: O to work on Power Rangers:

    There's an English dubbed version on Netflix. It's good.
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  4. Why do I watch shit like this on YouTube?
    It's kind of hypnotising.

    Trini's SABRE TOOTH TIGER!! will always be iconic.
  5. He


    Ok, but Jason was quite hot for that Golden Ranger moment (when was this?).
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  6. She said it with such conviction.
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  7. It's kind of amazing after all these years such a slapdash concept of a show (splicing an old Japanese show with new footage and so on) ended up being one of the defining pieces of children's entertainment for, like, a whole generation. One that is still alive and well to this day, I might add.

    All of those moments and catchphrases ("It's Morphin' Time! Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! I've got such a HEADACHE! I'm a frog.") will be forever ingrained in my mind.
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  8. He came back for Zeo. He was insanely hot that season ddd.
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  9. This is a pretty good fan edit of a Dino-themed team up that never made it over to the actual series a few years ago. (Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5.) I did chuckle at the Red Rangers all having swords, Kim taking flight when she never had that ability before, and the CGI being really bad. Earlier seasons were poorly produced but didn't look overtly cartoonish during the action sequences. (I like Aisha, but using her soundbites was a little jarring for Yellow.) Nonetheless I thought this was pretty cool to watch, and Green should have been included.
  10. Not feeling those. Despite my distaste with the casting of Rita I think the look was pretty decent.
  11. Not sure if this thread is only for the latest PR movie but I just rewatched the MMPR movie and tbh I loved as much I did when I was younger. Think it's everything a PR movie should be and I think the Lionsgate movie should have followed its DNA more.
    I'm wondering if Lionsgate is going to produce more though. They are very 'franchise' light the moment and Dacer and Naomi are very hot in Hollywood at the moment. And, I think DVD sales alone have put the movie in profit, given Can tax rebates and product placement.
  12. So this preview for some kind of Power Ranger comic event featuring Jason David Frank reprising his role from Power Rangers (but really as a in-comics-only universe character) and Ron Wasserman who did the original series music just surfaced and it's absolutely more awesome in 2 minutes than the entirety of the recent film.
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  13. The comics are supposedly really good. They are really expanding the universe in way the TV series really struggles to do.
  14. Really?

    No I've actually heard the same. I just haven't been bothered to delve into something new to hunt down and download. I am not buying comics right now.
  15. Yeah the comics are really good.
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  16. This new comics event sounds really good, and I love the trailer. I picked up the prologue earlier this week and will read it later.

    The only downside is that it spans both the main Mighty Morphin comic book and the Go Go Power Rangers prequel series. I only collect the latter so this is gonna be an expensive diversion, not to mention incredibly messy in terms of continuity!

    I'm excited to see the MMPR meet up with different incarnations of Rangers though.

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  17. I'm pretty pumped about how the Ranger Slayer is going to develop:
    The people making the comics really seem to 'get' the franchise.
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