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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., May 7, 2014.

  1. Finster 5 is such a wonderfully messed up design too.
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  2. They do. As much as people complain about the TV show not being dark enough. They have to remember it is a children’s tv show. The comics can explore storylines that never would be achieved on tv.

    I mean look at Super Megaforce in general. That was a perfect chance to bring people back with great footage but it was messed up.

    Hopefully whatever Super Ninja Steel has for the 25th anniversary will be better.
  3. I'm watching the 1995 movie tonight and really enjoying it--as I always have. Obviously it isn't a strong stand-alone film, but as a big budget expansion of the hit series, it manages to capture its spirit and it's well-paced and action packed. I'm a bit blinded by nostalgia with this one admittedly, but when you watch the movie in its context--after season 2--it really takes you back to 1995 and its understandable that they went with visuals over character development. The story isn't bad. Dulcea is a great twist on the traditional guru character. Paul Freeman injects some much needed personality into the film every second he's on screen. The movie Lord Zedd costume is stunning. Alpha 5 is adorable. They really nailed what the audience at the time wanted and I don't think that can be discounted, even if it did come at the expense of possibly alienating people unfamiliar with the characters and franchise.

    edit: Oh and I have to wear that white ninja outfit before I'm too old to look good in it.

    edit again: This Soundtrack was my first music purchase. It's amazing. The movie just ended and I want to cry. I want to grow up and be Kimberley and Tommy again. I want Van Halen to play while I miss Trini.
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  4. Not your post making me all nostalgic. I still remember being six years old at my ten-screen theater and seeing this:


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  5. He


    My US aunt bought me the original VHS release of this. I felt like the coolest kid with such an exclusive gift, kii.

    I knew the words to all of Kimberly's dialogue, even though I did not speak any English. Pterodactyl Thunder Whip!
  6. BTG


    Tommy and Kimberly together with Van Halen playing was a moment for me. I wasn't sure who I wanted to be more in that moment.

    Jk it was obviously Kimberly but what an iconic ship before I even knew what shipping was.
  7. Remember those weird ass six-tile transformation sequences where the actors turned into their corresponding beasts on the box of the original toy figures?
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  8. That songs never fails to make me nostalgic (and tear up a little bit)
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  9. I still know all the dialogue. And I still have the urge to screen cap the moments I remember loving as a child (Kimberley's "Gotta Love It", Tommy looking at at the great valley "Its time").

    I remember playing the movie theme at my 6th grade graduation party. It was epic. "Are You Ready?" by Devo was my favorite song on the album, though I secretly loved "Trouble" and would dance to it in my bedroom. I have a hard time coming to terms with the idea that I'm now older than the whole team was at the time of filming.
  10. I had this sticker book!
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  11. Must be a remnant from the pilot:

  12. Wait, was this actually a thing?! Mess.
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  13. Yeah the footage the first season of Power Rangers is based on has a lot of that for some reason. So they tried it in the original pilot along with the original Trini. Neither were kept thankfully.
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  14. When will Thriller?
  15. Best thing about the 1995 movie is the costumes. They nailed it in every sense. Something the recent movie failed at.
  16. It always slightly annoyed me though. They've been given new 'Ninjetti' powers, but their suits are exactly the same as before, even down to the dino helmets.
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  17. I have this movie poster.
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  18. They were too scared to change the formula to that degree at the time. In fairness, I'm sure the original suits sticking around for so long helped to make them iconic but as far as story goes--it never really made sense. I guess you could assume the Ninja Animal Spirits are now powering their Dino-based coin powers. Maybe they should have pulled an MMPRS2 and had "Mastodon-Frog Ninja Zord, Power Up!".
  19. Their emblems on their chests changed though right?
  20. Yes the movie suits had the emblem and it changed.
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