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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mr. Mr., May 7, 2014.

  1. Honestly, the '95 movie is fine, in my opinion, even sans nostalgia goggles. It was a big budget "Power Rangers" movie, based on a fairly cheap TV show largely made up of spliced footage from a Japanese series no one outside of Asia knew about, largely for the purpose of selling toys. It is what it is, and what it is is what it was supposed to be. It's not as if they attempted to make some 'dark n' gritty' departure from the show. It's a mid-90s kids action flick; what exactly was it supposed to be like?

    One thing I've been thinking about recently, coincidentally enough: although I actually liked Rocky, Aisha, and Adam, it's a damn shame that the original line up weren't still there when they did the movie. It just would've been so right to have Jason, Zack, and Trini immortalised as THE Power Rangers in the big screen version. Because no matter how many seasons, line ups, and themes come and go, the original Mighty Morphin' team will forever be iconic.

    The scene where they're getting their asses kicked by Ivan's minions at the dig site and finally morph is still such a fucking moment, with the theme song blasting and the Rangers slo-mo flipping into their fighting poses. Whereas the morph scene in the reboot had all the excitement of a Colbie Caillat song.
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    I know they left due to $$$ issues but the original trio must've felt like they were kicked in the teeth. The movie entered pre-production with them as the stars and for that reason alone, you'd think they wouldn't dare replace you.
  3. I remember knowing about the movie and having an early promo poster long before Jason, Zach, and Trini left the show, and looking at it, worrying they would cast some Hollywood actors as Jason etc....little did I know that by the time the film would be released, those characters would have been written out.
  4. They originally wanted to cast big stars in the film as Kimberly, Tommy etc. Thankfully they didn’t.

    That movie had so many production issues. They originally changed the helmets so the eyes and mouths weren’t covered. Dulcea was cast as the one in the final movie, replaced due to illness, they shot it with a new actress, then scrapped it and went back the original.

    I am sure there was many more issues.
  5. Yeah they ended up in Australia for like 7 months or something ridiculous. A lot of bad ideas were scrapped after they had been filmed. I never understood the big worry about heroes having their faces covered. At the time, Batman was really the only big hero film franchise and he only showed his lips. Spider-Man films came later but did they ever consider him not having a mask? It was a weird/bad choice. Maybe it was an attempt to bring the characters a bit more to the forefront over just the Ranger suits, but it was never a good idea.
  6. I still can't believe that Mariska Hargitay portrayed Dulcea at one point. I can't imagine Olivia Benson in a Power Rangers movie.
  7. I don't like the order that they morph in though. Sabretooth Tiger and then White Tiger just sounds weird next to each other.
  8. Oh as a kid it was agonizing but now I'm indifferent. I enjoy all the subtle differences in the movie universe.
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    This was such a lerk though.

  10. I loved that Kim was basically 2nd in command in the '95 movie, and was placed front-center in the Megazord cockpit. It also made sense with her zord being the head as well.

    The first shot inside of the command center left me shook as a kid. I even remember there being an audible gasp from other kids in attendance that day too.
  11. I can't believe I spent so long loving Kimberly when I should have been stanning Trini all along.
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    I recently got the same feeling.
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  13. I was blinded by the Pink!
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  14. Wow... the fact this movie even came together is morphinominal.

    RE: Trini. I never realized how beautiful Thuy Trang (RIP) was until I rewatched the show as an adult. She was absolutely stunning, perfectly cast, and I can't imagine another actress in that role (sorry, Audri Dubois). Amy Jo has gone on record saying they cast her character wrong (she always imagined Kim as a blonde, and I can see that) but I can't say the same for Trini. It's a shame her character didn't get to do more but I always loved the chemistry between Amy & Thuy.
  15. [​IMG]

    Kimberly was iconic but low-key my favorites back then were Billy and Trini.
  16. Billy was always my favourite. Oh, the fantasies.
  17. Jason is the one. I never understood the fascination with Tommy.
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    Adam was also a hunk, I'm just realising.
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  19. Adam was so fine! Rocky and Zack were cute too.
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