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Predictions For The X Factor Class of 2010

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by StratusJM, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Now that X Factor is done, how do you think the finalists (and others e.g Gamu) will do?

    Will Matt do a Joe Mcelderry or a Shayne Ward?

    Will Rebecca be more like Leona or more like Alex?

    And so on! Basically what do you think they will do next.
  2. Now that X Factor is done, how do you think the finalists (and others e.g Gamu) will do?
    Gamu will win next year.

    Will Matt do a Joe Mcelderry or a Shayne Ward?
    In terms of sales and longevity he'll do a Steve Brookstein, but tonight I think he'll be doing Aiden.

    Will Rebecca be more like Leona or more like Alex?
    The three of them will form a supergroup, along with Stacey Solomon. Stacey will leave after a while and become the new Louise.

    And so on! Basically what do you think they will do next.
    Get pissed?
  3. I posted this in The Winners single thread a while back but still stand to it:
  4. I wonder will any lables be foolish enough to sign Katie?

    I'd love for Rebecca to go down the Show Me Love route.
  5. The final five:

    5. Mary will have the career SuBo would have had if she wasn't butt ugly, i.e. she'll release an album of boring covers that will sell fuck all.

    4. Cher will do some features next summer, one of which will probably go to number one. Thankfully due to the timing of her launch this is more likely to be with Dizzie Rascal than it is with Roll Deep. She'll have an album out by the time of next years' finals and come back with a bonkers performance and hopefully more of a superstar attitude than brattitude.

    3. One Direction will, unfortunately, be fucking massive. Expect two number ones before 2011 is out.

    2. Rebecca I worry for. I think she has the potential to produce some of The X Factor's best musical output ever, but I fear for some Duffy-lite gubbins that will sound fairly pleasant but not sell well at all. She won't even be able to go on I'm A Celebrity a la The Soloman because she's just not outgoing enough.

    1. Matt is in a tricky position. I think if he pushes against Cowell a little bit and gets some decent writing credits, maybe even some joint writing with Daniel Bedingfield, and some Take That / Coldplay / early Dido songs he could have a massive album. So long as he comes back with a killer lead single to perform next year. I didn't actually want him to win in the end, but the last two weeks aside he does have a fantastic voice. However, it's entirely possible his voice will be wasted and he'll do a Ben Mills.
  6. Thinking about it now - after Sweet Dreams and Show Me Love, I want Rebecca to go down more that route - but with a sprinkling of Make You Feel My Loves as well
  7. I can't wait for Matt's album and I think he will be very successful as long as they don't hide him away for a year. They should either release the album in 6 months or get him doing some big gigs to remind people who he is. I think that's equally true for all the finalists if they want to be successful.
  8. I don't know why they don't release 1 single in June and then the album and 3rd single in October. This waiting 10 months is doing more harm than good
  9. Matt Cardle - if he doesn't have something out by the time UK Got Talent is on. He's fucked.

    Rebecca - Duffy is already flopping.

    One Direction - will do about the same as The Wanted and then slowly put them out of business.

    Cher - will carry on being the fierce bitch god sent her here to be. She'll become the Diana Vickers of the series.

    Mary - album full of covers. It will sell about 5K in Ireland.

    Did anyone find it bizzare that Simon and Louis picked Aiden as the winner during bootcamp?. He must have been good back then and they didn't show us his best stuff from that stage in the competition. I have a feeling we'll be hearing from him.
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    I worry for Rebecca as well - she doesn't have to be Duffy as her performances of 'Sweet Dreams' and 'Show Me Love' demonstrate, and I hope someone at a desk inside Syco headquarters realizes that a stomper or three would do wonders for her rather than Adele's leftovers.
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Aiden will be the Diana Vickers of this series.
  12. Matt - Shayne Ward
    Rebecca - Leona Lewis :D
    1D - something like Westlife, or JLS
    Cher - huge star, I don't know who to compare her with :D Honestly, I'm looking forward to her album, because she'll SMASH it, she sings the music that I like, so... Let's hope she'll release something soon :D
  13. One Direction could be massive but they need to get something out soon or everyone will have forgotten about them.

    I could be wrong about Matt but I don't see him being much of a big star. His single is far worse than 'Ambitions', and there wasn't even much of a market for that.

    Cher needs the right producer.

    Rebecca will go for the Anastacia/Alicia Keys/Duffy market and sell millions, but I will only like about 20% of her songs.
  14. I didn't think Matt had the potential to be huge post X-Factor but the voting figures show massive support for him since week one, so I think he can really do an Alexandra and be massive in the UK / Europe with the right material. But seeing as this is SYCO they will probably just give him covers from the last Kris Allen album and call it a day.

    Rebecca - she needs to collaborate with someone like David Guetta and go down the disco diva route with a massive dance track as a featured artist to stay in the public eye and then work on a jazzy/bluesy album. I worry for her but she does have the best recording voice out of everyone.

    One Direction - Eoghan Quigg X 5

    Cher - She will do really well with the right material and management.
  15. I think Aiden and Katie might end up doing musicals.

    And please, please, please can we have something by Freemasons featuring Paije.
  16. Matt will be pretty successful with his first album, but his sensitive-guy-with-a-guitar-and-falsetto! shtick will tire on the public. People will still buy his music, but there won't be any sort of hype following his releases after his first. His singles won't chart particularly high at that point, either.

    Rebecca will make Duffy/Adele type music (as others have mentioned already) with a splash of Florence thrown in there and it'll sell pretty well with an outside chance of her finding success internationally and perhaps in America. And I hope to God she features on a dance track at some point in her career.

    One Direction will do pretty well in the beginning at least (with a guaranteed #1, maybe two) but they need to release something fast before their shiny and new quality wears off on the gaggles of tweenage girls in Britain who already have JLS and The Wanted etc. I could see them taking a crack at America too but as shown by JLS, new boybands are still a hard sell here.

    Cher will release a MASSIVE first single that will chart at #1 and sell incredibly well (a la The Vickers), with the album having similar success. I could see her doing a feature or two before she releases her own album and having some sort of business with musically, either in the form of her being signed to his label or them doing songs together. If there's any justice in the world, she'll record a collabo with Nicki Minaj.

    Mary will release an album of covers that will sell fine but definitely not by Susan Boyle numbers. She'll also perform at corporate parties and whatever, maybe doing some musical theater.

    Sadly, I think we've not seen the last of Waissel. Musically (not success-wise) she'll make her own Songs From the Tainted Weasel Tree and have more of an indie-type following than the other contestants.

    Wagner will tour the UK. And make loads of money on it. And possibly begin dating Chloe Mafia.

    Aiden will the sleeper success of the series, making somewhat edgy music with pop sensibilities. He won't necessarily be a chart darling, but he'll sell to Ellie/Marina numbers/chart positions with the right producers and find good footing on tour.

    Diva Fever will release a campy novelty song that'll go top 10, if they haven't already broken up by then.

    Belle Amie will try to find success but unfortunately be the new Girls Can't Catch and quickly break up, with Geneva going solo.
  17. Cher won't be as popular as people assume.
  18. It depends on her attitude when she comes back, she now needs to grow up and learn from whats happened in the past few weeks
  19. Amazing.

    I'd buy it.

    I actually think Katie could be pretty successful, as long as she stays away long enough to let people forget why they hate her but still remember her. (I might've posted this last night already, sorry if I did...)
  20. ... but it's better than The Climb, yes? When We Collide is no definite indication of the future of Matt's music. It might be a 'carefully selected' winner's single, but it's still a winner's single.
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