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Predictions For The X Factor Class of 2010

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by StratusJM, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Matt is going to be forever plagued with two personas: the indie'n'ruff Matt who owns guitars and does 'gigs' of his own music which is pleasant but dull, and mums-love-him Matt who will churn out songs that they actually want to hear. People wanted to hear him sing songs they like - they voted for him as a singer,not an artist; and I don't necessarily think that he will make the music that these people will want to hear. If he goes in the right direction, he could join the British legion of Take That and Robbie as massive sellers. If he goes too stripped back and boring, he will be forever ruined commercially but will retain the integrity he seems to hold onto desperately - evident in the wincing every time that he sang something without a guitar (see: Flashdance).
  2. I don't know why, but the title "Songs from the Tainted Weasel Tree" made me laugh out loud hysterically. I really hope we haven't seen the end of Katie.

    The only person who's album I'd definitely buy out of the final 12 is Aiden. Hopefully he can do a Vickers - go away for a bit and get snapped up by some decent producers.
  3. Katie's lead single from Songs From The Tainted Weasel Tree would be "Once (Or 4 Times) In The Bottom 2" followed by "The Boy Who Murdered Fairness (The Simon Song)".
  4. If Rebecca releases an album of ballads it better flop hard so that people see that she needs to do a dance/Sweet Dreams/Show Me Love album.
  5. I would like an I AM ... SASHA FIERCE type album (with the original tracklisting) 50% of one and 50% of the other
  6. You just wait till the re-release which features 'My Wicked Tart (Of A Grandma)'.
  7. This idea that Rebecca should ditch the 'Adele/Duffy' route, and go full on dance is ludicrous! I mean, don't get me wrong, Sweet Dreams and Show Me Love are my favourite performances from her, but how many 'dance divas' actually sell albums??

    My predictions:

    Matt will have a big debut single, the follow up will do ok, but he'll lose a lot of media support, and sales of his album will be a bit of a disappointment. A lot of it, as someone else says, will be down to the direction. If he goes down the stripped back, 'serious artist' route, it won't work. Regardless of how good he is, no one down at NME or Q is going to take him seriously. A kind of one man Take That is where he needs to go - it's your typical 'Heat' reader he needs to grab, but I'm not sure this will be what he wants to do. It really could go either way.

    Rebecca will do REALLY well. She's absolutely perfect for the Radio 2 crowd, and she'll appeal to the same market as Rumer, Corinne Bailey Rae, Adele etc. I can see a big 'Warwick Avenue' type first single. She won't be a big 'popstar', but she'll sell. Possibly internationally too.

    1D - will do really well too. They'll sell lots of records, do tons of merchandising stuff (books, calendars etc etc), and by this time next year, be the UK's biggest 'young' boyband.

    Cher - I'm not so sure how well she'll do. If Will.I.Am does indeed take her under his wing, then she'll be huge. I have two problems with Cher - one is that she doesn't rap in a UK accent, one thing that's gonna instantly lose her credibility, and towards the end, they made her quite young and 'cartoony' - reminded me a bit of Verbalicious over the last few weeks. If she's going to succeed they need to keep her young, but there needs to be an edge there - she basically needs a 'Pass Out' to override the whole X Factor stigma.

    Mary - they'll knock out an album of cheaply recorded covers for valentines day. Hardly anyone outside Ireland will buy it.

    As for the others - none of them will do anything musically. They're all bound to BMG until the tour finishes - by that point any 'hype' they had will have gone. Aiden in particular - the voting figures that were released certainly won't have helped his cause. No one was picked up by another label last year (even Stacey, and she came third!), and although Ruth was picked up the year before, she was promptly dropped. I wouldn't hold out hope for anyone outside the top five...
  8. I agree.

    I also think she'll probably end up in trouble with the police within a year, especially after the xfactor care stops and there's no one to protect her from the outside world
  9. I've never read anything so outrageously classist in my life.
  10. Really, and you're a moderator on this forum?

    I'm not being classist! I just think at some point she's going to react to the reaction she'll get on the street.
  11. Haha.

    Can't wait to see a video for that.
  12. Diva Fever will cover The Cheeky Song (Touch my Bum) and then they will implode.

    Matt's debut album will sell millions, and then he will get engaged with me. We will marry in Nepal and adopt a baby girl called Madonna from Malawi. I'll become a television personality and have my own succesful talk show with Alan Carr. It will be entertaining. Meanwhile, my husband will get gigs in America and work on breaking the market. He will have one hit there, a la Dog Days are Over, and the album will chart decently. While recording his second album, I will get in a fight with Aiden, as he is making moves on Matt. I will punch him in the face, and then he will go and bitch to the media, and release "Make You Feel My Love" as a Christmas single. All this time, Matt's ego boosts up, because he is a celebrity and because he will have been spending time with Robbie Williams. He will constantly come home drunk and scare Madonna. He then goes violent during sex, but I will not complain about it, and learn I'm actually a sado-masochistic perv. I will seek therapy. But then Matt will go violent during the day, too, so I will run off with Madonna, scared that he could beat her up and bruise her cheeks. The divorce will take months, and afterwards I will find out that I took the wrong girl with me. I will not know what happened to Madonna. Matt will then release a divorce album, called Hard Leather, influenced by the rough sado masochistic rituals I will have subjected him to.
    The end.
  13. Haha! Interesting!
  14. c.x


    From what I've heard about his audition, all the judges and the audience were blown away by him. They got him to sing 3/4 songs, can't remember what they were I just know one of them was Toxic by Britney.
  15. This.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Cher will either be the next big British pop star or the new Heidi Montag - it's up to her handlers to push her in the right direction.
  17. She must be pushed into One Direction. Really hard.
  18. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Cher: Her debut single (prod. will sample Hickory Dickory Dock.
    Katie Waissel: The next iamwhoiamami
    Belle Amie: Will go on tour with Wonderland or something
  19. Mary will release her debut single 'Midnight' - a cover of the Yazoo track which goes all stuttery and dancey (a la Rex The Dog) after the second chorus. This will be huge and launch the album of the same name. And then she will take her rightful place in the world as Ursula in a new West End production of Disney's The Little Mermaid.
  20. Katie -sorry but I don't predict any kind of 'music' 'career' but I do think she's done enough to get on the reality celeb bandwagon -it's a pity Celeb Big Brother has finished as she'd be perfect for that. She'll go into the jungle, she'll dance on ice, she'll have coke-fuelled binges followed by getting her life back together (charted by a fly on the wall documentary), and be on a CONSTANT quest to show people 'the real Katie', believing that when this magical revelation occurs, she will be the new nation's sweetheart. Of course this won't happen; and she will be equally annoying on everything she apears in -but I expect that the notoriety will make her quite happy, and cause her to be in demand for quite a few years.

    Matt -he seems to have a good head on his shoulders; I like his idea of going around with his band as support in a 'Texas and Sharleen' kind of way -should make him more entertaining to see live. Will be interesting to see if he can break out of the x-factor winner mould and gain support from the Radio 1 crowd -he seems to have the popularity, but he'll need the material. I'd like to see him do stuff like the Guillemots 'Get Over It'. What's going against him is that Simon clearly doesn't give a flying fuck, so he'll probably end up with Bruno Mars covers instead.

    Mary -she'll have Gillian Mckeith shifting through her pooh, and lose a bit of weight but probably not that much. She'll make a bundle from PA's -hopefully she'll get a good agent who will keep things as classy as possible. Susan Boyle's album actually had some fairly imaginative covers (like Wild Horses) so hopefully Mary's album will have a single that at least revives what the public liked about her, and gives her some sales. It will (obviously) be a huge improvement on Tescos.

    Cher -she's really not the next biggest thing, sorry. She'll release an album. It may do ok. Can't see it lasting. I think she'd be better going the chavvy UK N-dubz route than the 'look, Jay Z is on my album!!!1!!' US route. I think that would alienate people the same as her and Katie's celebrity-endorsed charmed-life on the show alienated people. I think people need to see Cher being a bit humble and struggle a bit for them to like her.

    Rebecca -a Corrinne Bailey Rae style album. I hope she goes away and takes a lot of time to develop herself musically and as a performer, because she has potential. I think she'll always be a good performer of other people's songs though -I don't see much creativity there.

    1D -I don't need to write anything here do I?

    I don't honestly see anyone else from the show having a music or any kind of career in the public eye.
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